Why is ALP w/o power to uphold its supremacy over the other branches of Gov?

Why is ALP w/o power to uphold its supremacy over the other branches of Gov?

The major flaws in Underdevelopped countries's social movements are the cult of personality, insustituibility, linear thinking&religion.
To simplify these flaws, I will refer to Evo Morales.
Evo a graduate of Tambo High, came to power in this early third millenium.
Mallku Felipe Campos asked him& Alvaro to change the economic, social& political structures of the State and asked to fund a university of social lidership, their answer was to exile their neighbor for 14 years w/o any due process.
Both incurred in the cult of personality& insustituibility,linear thinking& theocracy! And rather than follow early advice of Mallku Felupe Campos, both refused to exclude indigenous young leaders into the executive branch, specially their inner circle and embedded themselves with latifundio oligarchs from Santa Cruz and appointed mostly former right wing politicians as ministers and TCP& TSJ and overpaid to 100% the military and were going to grante 100% pension to the Nal police and for 14 years he kept excluding young indigenous leaders.
When the Contractor bought out the military's and police's upper brass and along right wing party leaders and OAS unleashed the No. 13 coup, both fled instead of fighting and sacrificed A Salvatierra& Victor Borda to insure their escape to Mexico.
I am not judging them, merely pointing their mistakes for them to snap out from their linear thinking.
Malku Felipe Campos survided Evo exiling him.
He also asked Dictator Anez on dec 2 2019 to quarentine Bolivia from little known CoVid19 but Anez response was to keep exiled Dr Felipe Campos by denying him renovation of his citizenship documents to the present
Unrencorous mallku Felupe Campos advised Evo and asked Eva Copa, to have early elections but everytime Copa kept giving in to Anez in exchange of nothing.
When the almostn2 weeks covil disobedience took place Mallku Felipe Campos was a out to reenter Bolivia to lead the hardest part of the blockeages in demand for Sept 6th elections but Evo& Eva betraying the blockers, gave in, in exchange of nothing and extended Anez dictatorship to Octuber18th, new election promise.
Currently Anez, Mesa, DM are taking advantage to keep stealing billions of dollars and made disappear RIN reserves & 3 billion dollars in donations and ilegal IMF loans tied to devaluating Bolivia's currency and bankrrupt and shock austerity economic policies set by Anez Imperial contractor& IMF.
CIES-MORI& JUBILEO 's poll shows Arce at almost 42%, Mesa 26%, Anez 12%, Camacho 10% among voters.
It means there will be no 2nd round bc Arce will win in the first round.
But it has a caveat with the wrong linear assumptions: Anez will let oct 18th elections take place and hans the presidency into the hands of the election winner.
Wrong, wrong, wrong, bc it would mean Anez being processed for multiple genocides, corruption of billions of dollars in less than a year and legal imprisonment fir her crimes and the lose of trillions of dollars in litium and gold...for the imperial contractor of Anez& Mesa& DM& Quiroga& Camacho...
Evo& Eva linearly are incurring in their past errors and don't see the booby traps and mine fields of the imperial contractor& his accomplices, OAS, EU, catholic church, etc & don't see they( including Arce& Choquehuanca) are about to be check marked before Octuber 18th.
If Anez doesn't get from her an inmunity agreement from Mesa so she can suuport Mesa in the October election andbif MAS doesn't agree to Anez inmunity request, there won't be octo er election
Yes, there will not be octobet elections.
Here why no-Elections:
Evo& Eva can't see or are overlooking, the imperialbContractor through Anez has Defacto closed ALP and in Anez view& policies, only in name exists ALP.
1] Anez promoted in rank, the militart& police commanders
2] 100% retirement pension to Police
3] ilegal loans from IMF etc, disbursed them to Anez
4] Ministers and president of BCB do not comply with
Congressionals summons/subpoenas& are inmune from ALP sanctions and from Judicial sanctions for it!
5] Alaws lawfully created by ALP and aproved by ALP and validated by TCP are valid laws enacted by ALP but Anez& her execurive branch refuse to publish in the Gazet, said laws that strip powers from the executive branch, such as the loss of invoking state of siege, martial law, arraigment for the president& ministers forb3 months after election date, etc And Anez breaking the constitutional order& laws, keeps returning ilegally said aproved laws that are validated by the TCP etc.
All these violations are made by Anez, showing to the ALP is closed and existnin name only and ALP members are living a delusion they have authority to fiscalize& create & aprove new laws andbthat the ALP has primacy and authority over the other branches of gov, including the TSE who always complies with the executive wishes of Anez!
As you can see from the above evidences, Anez is closed the ALP andbwhen her imperial contractor orders her to deploy the military& police who they bought their loyalties with money, they will physically close the already closed ALP.
Here some litmus tests for MAS& ALP:
When Anez pulls an electronic fraud election given her victory withbOAS complicity and backed by EU& catholic church, what will MAS& 2/3 ALP do to prevail over Anez?
And/or when the imperial contractor consumates AnezAutoCoup D'etat, what will MAS and 2/3 ALP going to do to prevail over the armed Coup makers?

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