Why is FB inmune& impune for aiding& abetting the overthrow a democratically elected gov?

Why is FB inmune& impune for aiding& abetting the overthrow of a democraticly elected gov?

Monopolistic Facebook knew, aided& abetted AnezUstachafacism to overthrow on Nov12. 2019, of a democratically elected Bolivian gov!

Sadly this is becoming a FB's pattern of setting up police State govs, to perpetuate police State govs who help carbon corporations to perpetuate carbon pandemic while enriching their elitist breed of people!

As a matter of fact FB aided and abetted carbon corporations to elect CarbonTrump by millions of accounts to desinform and have trump win the elections through men like Paul Manifort who money launder from Ukrain millionsbof dollars for Trump's 2016 election!

FB exempts fact-check to politicians like Carbon Biden& Carbon Trump to make sure they owe him political favors, which he cashes by having them preserve his global monopoly and will not break his monopoly like AT& T, so long one of them is the president who will preserve carbon pandemic too!
Matter of fact double dealing with both candidates, nevertheless he is handling FB to aide& abet corporatively the election of carbon Biden as the next President!

Any one who causes the overthrow of a sitting president is prosecuted but this breed of god's people badshooshoos have placed themselves above the law, so for the overthrow of the Nov 22 2019 Bolivian gov, he is not peosecuted, bc mr Zuckerman's elitistCarbon breed of people are the state within the state.

So we get carbon pandemic genocided to extinction by being passively obedient as people the Nazis exterminated but peacefully I say as countless millions of people, break FB monopoly as AT&T by peaceful massive civil disobedience, but if we remain passive to FB overhrows of governments, we'll be made extinct sooner than later by these State pilice govs& carbon pandemic& politically rushed unsafe vaccines or by police-gang-members' kneeChokehold or shot at by the latter's Patriot Prayer, Proud boys, QAnon 2nd amendment DeathslSquatsMilitiamen like Kyle Rittenhouse, whose legalbdefense funds are raised in FB& he will never serve for the cold murder he perpetrated against 2 citizens& wounding a 3rd one but like Roger Stone and tens like Stone, Rittenhouse will receive an unjust presidential pardon, while 50% of countless poor americams and people of color suffer unjust imprisonment by retaliatory police and prosecutors, a gross pattern of misconduct which is perpetuated by their controlled court system& gov of a state within a State!

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