Your Justice plans....isn't it so Mr Biden?

Your justice plans...isn't it so Mr Biden?

Mrs Harris what is your Biden-Harris justice Plan for people of color?
Harris: I'm Ambassador Harris& if you vote for us, you will have a seat at our table

You didn't answer. Yet both senators had me sit at a chair but you have done nothing for People of color. Will you Biden- Harris abrogate carbon pandemic now?
Harris: we'll weatherize 6 million windows.

Will you abrogate carbon now?
Harris: We will build countless nuclear plants to win the space nuclear race and increase oil wars to secure our vital interests and we'll produce dirty electricity with nuclear plants and bury nuclear waist deep in your backyard, to protect you against nuclear radiation.

Mrs Harris will you shift money for social programs and defund the prison system &defund the overfunded militarized police that keeps killing us, specialize blacks.
Harris: I'm black& law& order candidate.
I'm late but don't forget to vote. Good bye

Mr Biden will you abrogate the carbon Pandemic now that threatens to extinct us?
Mr Biden: No but I will create carbon jobs, specialy fracking in the Artic, the oceans and glaciars& provide you a decent shale oil& gas fracking job and i will join the Paris Agreement and will tax carbon

Mr Biden joining the Paris Agreement and selling carbon stocks at the Paris Agreement market doesn't abrogate carbon & sugarcoating carbon pandemia with tax& double credit carbon cheats humanity and extinct us, is no solution but not only perpetuation of carbon but annualy increasing carbon deaths from 7 million to countless millions cancer victims caused by carbon. Besides your overfunded police is killing blacks like me
Mr Biden: My New green deal/NGD by 1935& justice plans will solve it all.

By 2035 the climate will already be agonizing irreversibly along with us and earth and with nuclear wars we'll be done for, no your NGD is empty promises and exposing us to carbon pandenic and Nuclear Pandemic, famibe pandemic, police murders pandemic. Why can't you abrogate carbon now and leave buried nuclear pandemic and defund the police and shift prison money to social programs in our comunities
Mr Biden: i am the law candidate & you should be thinking to unseat Mr Trump& voting for me and Harris

Unseating Mr CarbonTrump and replacing it with a carbon candidate you, is no solution and you both are racists.
Mr Biden: Look at my record, look at my record child.

I did and smells perpetual racism, prison proliferation, five fold black prisoners increase, you took away Habeas Corpus Relief, you intrude our privacy with your Patriot/freedomAct, refuse to abrogate carbon, you perpetuate fracking and Neverending oil wars and never ending police killings by your overfunded police embedded with 2nd amedment Terrorists-Patriot-prayer-death squats shooting at us and you care for property intead of caring for people and as senstor you and Karris refuse to abrogate 2nd amedment that arms yours and Mr Trumps terrorists QAnon death Squats. Why do you refuse to stop the violence of your lifetime creations of unjust laws like the- police- Bill-of rights with which you legalized police systemic inmunity and impunity for unjustly murdering blacks.
Mr Biden: worry about unseating Trump, bc i will solve it all with my justice'll have a seat at my again to my ambassador.

Talking to you and your ambassador is a waste of my time, bc she does nothing but promises us a seat. We've been seating for ever and nothing changes. You& Mr Haris as senators are ambassadors for people before Congress but in all your ambassadorial years you'l haven't care for the people but your own carbon interests.
Mr Biden: Look at my record.

I did and hers and yours are failures as Mr Trump's, its all empty promises& no action. You are giving me a narrative of lies like mr Trump.
Mr Biden: Wait for my justice

Mr Biden why did you take my picture, what are you going to do with my pictures?
Mr Biden: I am a law and order candidate, endorsed by the 2 biggest police federations

I see all your justice plans are more money, more guns and ammo for your militarized police and more deception& unjust violence and deaths for people of color as soon as you take office and secretly you will silence us and fill the cemeteries as Mr Trump does...
Isn't it so Mr Biden?

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