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Globally Nov 4th we must be at gov centers to abrogate the 3Fs!

Globally, Nov 4th we're at Gov centers to abrogate the 3 Fs! Globally, Nov 4th we must be at gov centers to defend life for humanity, our children& grand children, biodiversity& climate to abrogate the 3Fs: Fracking oil&gas Fossil Fuels Fascism by Aryan President&killerPolice wanting to force StatePolice instead of free Humanity&Constitutional rights&Human rights!

People need to claim back their intelectual independence!

People need to claim back their intelectual independence! Westerners who are bookish as us goodshooshoos, need to liberate ourselves from Corporate academia whose agenda is to perpetuate intelectual racial Religious coal copy reproduction in academia. We need to claim back our intelectual independence which we were born with and when we attended school, university, etc, they stripped our intelectual creativiry and independence for holllow post doctoral degrees. Today discussing little Bolivia, will address the need to claim back our intelectual independence! In Colonial times, european religious colonizersbin the Americas, imposed religion, besides Latifundio, etc In 2019 AngloAmericans religious interests controlling the OAS, fabricated a doctored fraud report in their audit, alleging fraud by indigenous MAS climate defenders and based on the OAS-Catholic church viciated audit report of election fraud, stripped the Indigenous of their electoral victory mo nitored by countless election

...Theocratic crusade war distracting us from Carbon Pandemic...

Cartoons are causing theocratic crusade war against Islam, distracting us from Carbon pandemic& lab caused SarsCoVid2 Pandemic& Covid Vaccine Pandemic&imminent global Famine! Am an a thankful jewish survivor of death, sars Covid solidarity with all crime victims& their families. Unjust deads caused by individuals is wrong& we all condemn it, but our reaction shouldn't it be proportional to the offense/ hurt/loss of life? All massive genocides are racial& religion is used to pseudo justify massive genocides, specially those labelled "Terrorist attacks/terrorists killlings" by Aryan racist manipulators who are in positions of State authority, who define 3 individual stab killings with a conspiracy terrorist killing by a bilion muslims who were not part of the 3 individual  kitchen knife killers!  But  without a trial& without a guilty finding, now politicians wanting to reap political reelection begun their cristian theocratic crusade agai

Fake citizen BlackRock wins white house & threatens us with Carbon-Gas extinction.

FakeCitizen BlackRock wins white house & threatens us with irreversible Carbon gas extinction! Global gov BlackRock Oil&carbon, banking corp has bought out former big shots in world banking institutions& former G-7& BRICS gov officials to globally talk of a folly carbon transition policy through its controlled global media. This secretive global govt Corporate fake citizen supranational gov rules with the use of cuasi- monopolar power USA, our globe& academia knows it but like every G7& BRICS & other states, talks not of BlackRock systemic conflict of interest and Aryan elitist BlackRock secretly keeps going towards consolidating its Global Gov. Few times you hear from them but all the roads lead to its private hub in New York city and its oil& carbon perpetuation with its failed carbon tax in the USA during the 8 years of the Obama-Biden Gov, with BlackRock having both carbon presidential candidates has no way to lose and through its Paris Agreement is

BlackRock fake citizen!

BlackRock fake citizen! If Letters could substitute inaction we're gods! If Structures were working 4 true citizens, we wouldn't be # ExperiencingClimateCatastrophe! # PerpetuatingOilWithTax # DoesNotResurrectUs # BlackRockFakeCitizenOilGasingUs OnlySolutionNow JoinMassive # CivilDisobedienceAroundOilRefineries 

Yo Apoyo Elegido Constitucional Arce contra 2o Golpe...!

@LuchoXBolivia Juramentate #YoApoyoElegidoConstitucionalArceContra2ndoGolpeXMentiraDeCamachoDefraudadorRacistaGenocida  Pa abortar UstachasCamachistas q quieren GolpeMilitar q es Inconstitucional xq viola nuestraEleccionComo PuebloSoberano&CPE e imponeYankismo Hambruna&Genocidios HOAXsofisticadaPropagandaPaQ MilicosComoGarciaMesa se encaramen al poder bajo justificativo fabricado,"Ante 2o fraudeElectoral,a pedido del desesperado pueblo&preservar el bienestar del PuebloAnteAmenazaComunista,cumplimos bajoLeyOrganica dFFAAelDeberD preservarIntegridadBolivia" Al no tener suficientes hombres,CIA invento HOAXpropaganda contra Ubico Arbenz presidente Guatemalteco& desinfirmados guatemaltecos les creyeron&no resistieron al golpe de CIA ni apoyaron a su presidente como HoaxFraude aEvo2019! RRSS son #HoaxFalsaPropagandaCreaPuebloDondeNoHay!

Wanted 155 Constitutional Assambly members of the People...

Wanted: 155 Constitutional Assambly members of the people, by the people&for the people! Congratulation sisters& brothers of the Great Motherland IndigenousAmerica! Congratulations chile For the plebiscite victory! We're burying fascistPinochet& His fascist constitution of Neoliberalist famine, Neoliberalism of privatization of University Neoliberalizm of privatization of health system Private-pension-starvation Choose 155 candidates of the people to create a new constitution that provides free University, free universal health care, good&abundant public pensions as Maestro Salvador Allende wanted it for all citizens: A New Allende Free Chile 2022

Maestro Salvador Allende tu sacrificio no fue envano!

Maestro Salvador Allende tu sacrificio no fue envano! Era moza cuando traicioneramente inmolaron tu cuerpo Allende e impusieron CPEpinochetista con cuposmilitares vitalicios pa milicosTraidores& asesinos del pueblo! Madre con hijos lloro de alegria, hoy Chilenos como parte de la Gran patria aprobastes convencionConstitucional! Gracias hermanas/os Chilenos por esta victoria q reivindica Allende!  Todos nuestros hermanos de AmericaIndigena celebramos con Uds! Aun queda lucha ardua en elegir delegados pa q recreen la Constitucion Allende, xa q todo ciudadano tenga derechos q lo protejan& le den mejor futuro, sistema de salud& derecho de sustento pa vivir dignamente! Gran Allende junto con Victor Jara con valor legas igual q Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz ejemplo moral y ejemplo de verdadero liderazgo, de no rendirte como tantos& de tomar la decision de Sacrificarte por Chile, por la patria grande, hoy Allende estas siendo reivindicado por el pueblo chileno& pueblos de la P

Alerta Chile aprovemos plebiscito x Convention Constitucional!

Alerta Chile  Aprovemos plebiscito xCONVENCION CONSTITUCIONAL xa q pueblo nomine a los representantes a la convention&no los pineroPinochetistas del congreso. RECHAZEMOS CONVENCION MIXTA,xq los pinero-pinochetistas nominaran representantes a la futura asamblea constitucional MueraPinochetConstitucion

# Vote4NoPresident

# Vote4NoPresident! Bc 40 years Democrat&Republican have not provided Universal health care, no employment, no free university education, no peace but never ending oil wars, no social justice but racismo& Biden not defunded but overfunded killer police&tanks&assault in police hands and has threatened to perpetuare fossilmfuel that kills over 70 million people by gasing us with dioxide carbon gas, nitrogenous oxide, mercury, methane& 1000 deadly fracking chemicals that cause frequent earthquakes and Biden admitted, " i will never ban fossil fuels after telling in the debate he will ban fossil fuels. So asbbiden&trump continue gasing us with carbon pandemic, #Vote4NoPresident

L Arce wait's for Mr Biden's carrot or the stick!

L Arce's waits Mr Biden's carrot or the stick! I don't know what is going through the head of Luis Arce, the newly elected president of Bolivia but Bolivia is still polarized & the Defacto regime of Anez holds the force and Mr Trump is not on the side of the new elected president, while armed UstachaJewishCrost terrorists in plain clothes, are roaming through Bolivia, the military& police commanders ilegally promoted in rank and on charge of large guarrisons are not on the side of Arce& have so much to lose, including their freedom for making the 2019 Coup& comitting multiple genocides of smsll scale! Extrangely amid intrigue and polarized Bolivia, after the TSE announced officially Arce- Choquehuanca with the MAS party won by obtaining 55.10% of the vote and a congressiobal majority! Last night we know some journalists threatened by the Ustacha chief and security czar minister Murillo& defende minister Lucifer Lopez, had to be flown out of Bolivia

Genocide arises!

At 95% election count, genocide arises with indictment and/or Coup D'etat in Bolivia! Army& police executed victims' families, wait indictment against exe utor officers& Anez Cabinet! Anez's chief repressor Arturo Murillo P& Lucifer Lopez, are perpetual denyers& liars who accussed the executed, were victims of each other & not of the police or military forces. Further more, both alleged their military and police confronted face to face the civilian protestors at Sacaba and Senkata& falsely allege their forces didn't shoot any protestors. Bolivian congressional investigation committee headed by Victor Borda, has now reached conclusions after investigating and hearing the testimonies of victims and ballistic experts. Yet unrepentant Ustacha Murillo laid it thick, alleging the forces under his command at Sacaba& Senkata, didn't harm a fly, " I don't know any bullets, which when shot during a face to face confrontation, make a fu

Came with empty bags& now want to carve out HalMoonRepublic out of Bolivia!

Came with empty bags& now want to carve out HalfMoonRepublic out of Bolivia! Ustachas emigrated by Tin Robber Barons PatinoAramayo& Hochschild, fascist racists contractees ofCIA&know they are racist genociders, forestsTorchers&land thieves whoFeel the world moves around them by predestination&feel it's time to partition Bolivia, genocide indian climate defenders, to carve out an aryan HalfMoonRepublic for themselves! #PackAndReturnToCroatia

Cuasi-Crisis in Bolivia!

@AngelaMerkelCDU @Elysee @AntonioGuterres @europarl @EUCouncil @SpainMFA Re: Cuasi-Crisis in Bolivia Undoubtedly CIA contracted parties are repeating their 2008 ethnic cleansing policy and their 2019 Coup D'etat by falsely allegating electoon Fraud, this Oct18th 2020 was a peaceful election process but CIAcontracted civics& political parties are attempting to repeat their Coup D'etat bc tacially they reject indigenous climate defenders MASparty has repeated another landslide victory over these aryan racist right wing candidates C Mesa& LFCamachoV! They reject L Arce- DavidChoquehuanca the CIESMori's 95% rapid count result, confirming a landslide victory 52.4% vs 31.5% for Mesa&14.1 for Camacho with a difference of 20% which according to the constitution Arce is the elected president who is waiting the finalization of the TSE count to announcing Arce as the elect president! But because of wanting to profit with trillions of dollars in Bolivian lithium, C

carta abierta a los futuros mandatarios de Bolivia!

Carta abierta a los futuros elegidos mandatarios de Bolivia Re:Politicas oficiales&acciones Sres futuros presidentes: Las palabras casi no valen nada! Las politicas oficiales& sus acciones, si verdaderamente el pueblo como creador y absoluto soberano los recordara pa darles su amor de pueblo por largo o brevisimo tiempo. No vayan a encamarse con los latifundistas& ganaderos xq ya ellos malusaron al MAS pa quemar irreversiblemente flora& fauna& se robaron 10 millones de HAS & malagradecidos les golpearon civicoMilitarmente junto con la OEA, militares, policias q fueron comprados por el poder unipolar& durante su dictadura de 12 meses destrozaron nuestra economia y seguridad alimentaria, trayendo hambrunas, desempleo, genocidios, persecuciones e incendiaron con su PLUS otros 10 millones de HAS con flora& fauna, se robaron tierras quemadas pa ganado& soya& importar& plantar docenas de variedades transgenicas pa exportar y enriquecerse mient

Arce has a landslide lead over Mesa&Camacho in Bolivia!

Rapid count at 95%: Arce has a landslide election lead over Mesa&Camacho in Bolivia! CIESMORI CONTEO RAPIDO at 95% gives 21% advantage of votes to MAS' candidate Luis Arce Catacora over Twice sore looser @CarlosDMesag, extreme right candidate whose lies& collusion with OAS, the bolivian military& police, latifundio& catholic church+ UstachaTerrorists, produced a Coup against MAS indigenous environmentalist party, but thanks to the brave people of Bolivia, sick and tired of a dictator poppet of a unipolar power and thanks to the sacrifice of internacional observers like the argentine elections overseers, tonight octuber 18th 2020, said rapid count confirmed exiled Dr Felipe Campos forecasted victory of Luis Arce. There is hope, there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel of opression which the fascist gov of JeanineAnez, unjustly has sunk the people of Bolivia! But Luis Arce is walking a mined field,  which may explode in unnecessary massive violence, give

Arturo Murillo Deliver Yourself To Justice

 ArturoMurilloS UstachaJudioCroata te incriminaste publicamente, no tienes perdon ni olvido&tus crimenes genocidas de Senkata q cometiste, no prescriben:La sangre de tus desarmadas victimas clama por justiciat&te busca! Puedes escapar a Miami a lo de tu hermana o entregateAhora

To International Elections ob servers in Bolivia: Stay& count manually 100% vote ballots!

International Election observers, stay till you manually count 100% ballot votes in Bolivia! Don't go until octuber 31th bc if you don't physically count 100% of votes, besides Direpre, there is embedded hardware& Diebold software at TSE computing counting system that transfers fragments of each vote to Mesa&now that Salvador Romero is manipulated you to gain your trust by having no Direpre& if you go home TSE-OEA will recount only 5%&announce Mesa tied w/Arce in1st election Stay observers until you finish manually recounting 100% of votes,bc embeded electronic counting hardware&software will give them the opportunity to steal elections 4Mesa! Stay till oct 31st 2020 &manually recount100% 3/3 military BallotBoxCustodians colluding w/ TSE-OAS will match the same score of physical votes as the electronic count&will succeed in producing a perfect count on both systems &will stealth victory 4Mesa! 100& of manual count &recount will give us a

ThePeople vs Evil OilCarbonForestsFiresGenocider!

ThePeople vs Evil OilCarbonForestsFiresGenocider! Peacefuly voice constitutional grievances Vs this assassin Govt who unjustly, &cruely genocides/ opressesHumanity! WeDaPeople have the right to"be alive,to feed&defend our #BolivarianGreatNation against #EvilFinkWhoControlsBiden #BlackRockBigBrother #OilCarbonForestFiresGenociderOfHumanity 

Kidnaping of diplomat Election observer in Bolivia!

@RealDonaldTrump  @JoeBiden @AngelaMerkelCDU @Elysee @SenSanders @TSEBolivia SalvadorRomero @JeanineAnez @CarlosDMesag @Almagro_OEA2015 @AntonioGuterres Re: Kidnapping of diplomat Election observer in Bolivia! Hours before election, on orders of security minister Arturo Murillo, Bolivian police waited to ambush unjustly, black listed international observers from Argentina!  In fact were coward and shockingly ambushed, attacked with chemical weapons, tortured& at least congressman F FigioliOK suffered heart attack as consequence of police torturers trained in the USA, who kidnapped him, his life in danger of Inminent death! There can't be no transparent, fair elections under gun point Coup Makers& military custodians of ballot boxes and police kidnappings of diplomat Election observers who were prior invited to Bolivia, but now kidnapped & voters intimidated& terrorized with death by the Anez Gov! Overhaul the whole election machine of Bolivia, else El

...excluir ilegalmente a observadores internacionales& Bolivianos!

TSE& Gobierno Anez intentan excluir ilegalmente aun a Observadores internacionales& Bolivianos! Excluyen incontables votantes en Iquique&Argentina, incluso a Observadores Electorales q no son parte del fraude electronico!  Congresista Argentino Federico Figioli& ciudadano FCampos denunciaron genocidios&violacionesDH x MesAnez&los marcaron en ListaNegra pa echarlos deportados&mientenContraFCampos De Gringo EsBoliviano!


NotVote4FrackingBiden! @JoeBiden unrepentant liar, racist, oil war maker who says anything to win&don't even say" Sorry I lied, overfunded police whi chokes, shoot BIPOC on theBack&ram protestors&imprisoned blacks 5fold in constituyents' prisons& I nation built countries to dust #NotVote4FrackingBiden

Arce will give universal health care to bolivians

  Arce will enact Universal health care 4Bolivians! Y dale Y dale votemos por LuchoXBolivia q trae de regreso la prosperidad como antes, con seguro Universal para todos& Arce elegido apagara incendios de Mesanez& no permitira latifundistas nos despojen de nuestros bosques que producen lluvias&llenan aquiferos&dan a #Bolivia OxigenoPaRespirar&frutas Listen to the true voice of the people, by the people& for the People:

Carbon Pandemic, NeverEnding oil wars, famine& sarsCovid2 threaten humanity!

Carbon pandemic, Neverending oil wars, mutating sarsCoVid2& famine threaten humanity! As all living beings of flora& thw animalia kingdom, we Humans depend on our ecosystems& habit, else famine, mass death and extinction, unjustly seizes us against our will! Blackrock oil& carbon corporations along with pharmaceutical and petrochemical& Bayer cause us carbon and oil pandemic, coupled with #SarsCoVid2&NeverEnding oilwars& racial- religious wars, which are raising 6°C or more within a decade from now. The hotterbit gets our ecosystems& habitats are killed & famine& extinction awaits us bc animals like us can not live& feed ourselves from dead soil, dead ocean and permanenty gone glaciars, permafrost and deadly unbreathable methane, niteous oxide& carbon dioxide air that kills us with cancers, famine and epidemies like SarsCovid2, and since politically rushed vaccines are failing for Astrazeneca, Johnson& Johnson, billions of dollar

why sre we allowing perils against our lives?

Why are we allowing perils against our lives? BlackRock oil& carbon Corps caused us over 80% biodiversity extinction& remaining biodiversity within 10 years will go extinct irreversibly putting us in the edge of Extinction #AbrogateOilNow Plant and fungi loss threatens access to painkillers& anticancer drugs

Mr Zuckerberg put your money where your mouth is!

Mr Zuckerberg put your money where your mouth is! Mr Zuckerberg put your money where your mouth is, bc u have millions of aryan racists who u have refused to ban There are countless genocides:Native American shoah, Black shoah, Armenian shoah, Jewish shoah, NamShoah Facebook to ban Holocaust denial posts

...oil& carbon pandemics threatening us with extinction?

Isn't this Climate catastrophe forest fires caused by oil& carbon pandemics threatening us with extinction? BlackRock oil corps, Bayer&soy&red meat corps dump trillions of metric tons of flamable gases which converted our planet in burning oven! They gas us same way they gased 6 million InWWII 4profit! Climate change triggers disasters, threatens millions – UN

Guilty without being proven innocent?

Guilty without proven innocent? Guilty without trial at ICJ? Bolsonaro,Anez, Pinera,Moreno,Duke genocided countless indians& ecocide& biocide& you reward them with Mercosur- EU trade&hipocritically do nothing to stop OilGenocide ofHumanity? EU foreign ministers agree to sanction Russia

MesAnez incendian pa rifar tierras por votos!

MesAnez incendian pa rifar tierras por votos! Lamentablemente agenda MesAnez no es apagar sino incendiarnos xq rifa a latifundistas crucenos tierras quemadas listas pa soya&ganado!VotoXMesaEsMasIncendios, genocidios, desempleo, hambrunas! #VotemosXLucho q #DaraSeguroDeSalud, empleos #ApagaIncendios #BoliviaResiste #Bolivia

Salvador Romero Ballivian& Cousin Ricardo Paz Ballivian!

SalvadorRomeroBallivian& Cousin RicardoPazBallivian! We know Jhanisee Vaca from Rios de pie since childhood! Sellouts working under TQuiroga,E Foronda,SalvadorRomero!Went to OAS USAIDoperativeRomero worked withPhil Goldberg&evangelicals, Mesa,Camacho! Romero& cousinPazBallivian in ElectionFraud2020 Shame on Them!

Electronic Fraud at Ballot Boxes in Bolivia

MESA, APP & fraude electronico+ anforas adulteradas contra el pueblo! Evidencia solida q corrobora al exiliado DrFelipe Campos q nos advirtio del poder unipolar q controla la Maquina electoral en Bolivia&la fabricacion de MesaPresi del golpe con fraude Electoral electronico en el q custodios militares de anforas roben e igualen las papeletas de votos con numeros del fraude electronico DieBolt, q operativoVillegas manipula data del App pa transferir fractiones de votos a Mesa con Die Bolt software pa q gane fraudeMesa!EdgarVillegas entre incontables operativosUSAID son inmunes e impunes&ya vieron el 2019, la embajada lo oculto despues q fraudulentanente denuncio un fraude inexistente contra Morales&ahora Villegas sigue cometiendo crimenes de sedicion con fraude electronico q costara incontables vidas de inocentes hermanos & hermanas con este cambiante golpe electoral! Aprovisionense con alimentos&agua q vamos a necesitarlo pa resistir& desgastar al facismo q

Fabricating presidents vs electing presidents!

Fabricating presidents vs electing presidents! The Unipolar power is installing a new breed of made in USA presidents: J Hernandez, J Guaido, DanineAnez...and now attempts to fabricate MesaAltzheimerPatient as a president! Hernandez was fabricated president by an electoral Coup D'etat when the unipolar powered who funds with money the OAS, had the OASElection observers headed by contractedTutoQuiroga to only recount 5% votes and then the Unipolar power imposed recognition through its Monroe toolOAS, J Hernandez as a fabricated president with a fakemask of being elected! Last black November 2019, the unipolar power through its OAS tool produced a false fraud election report against Morales& boughtbout the military& police comanders plus armed Ustacha JewishCroats death squats and secretly extortioned Salvatierra, Perez& Borda to resgn in exchange of letting Evo to exile in Mexico, and then used a mentally deranged JeanineDanineAnez to autoproclain herself fabricated

que hacer cuando nos golpee Mesa otra vez!

Q hacer cuando nos golpee Mesa otra vez! #NosRobanArceVictoria:MilicosCustodios de Anforas,TSE&OEAobservadores fraude electronico igualan papeletas de votos q milicos roban de Arce&paEvitar protestas contra FraudeMesaVictoria,2 dias antes&despues Fraude18Oct InconstitucionalmenteProhibenProtestasTiempo q AnuncianMesa Presidente Xq evidencia VotosFisicos iguala numeros de fraude electronico&ningun auditaje electoral demostrara fraude& GolpeConsumado&Como a Guaido USA,UE, OEA,GrupoLimaE Iglesia loReconocen #MilicosNoDebenSerCustodiosDeAnforas #ProhibicionProtestasEsILEGALSuspensionDeConstitucion MesAnez ordered military& police shoot to kill to any protestors who question Mesa becoming an imposed president with fraud& bullets Ourbonly peaceful defense is to block embassies...and at home to defend the ALP to pose the unipolar power's elrisist racists who allege to defend their vital interests but its not for the people of the US nor for Bolivians,

Undoubtedly Arce will win in first election in Bolivia!

Undoubtedly Arce will win in first election in Bolivia! Campaign experienced Dr FelipeCampos, confirmed polls are lagging behind: PollTakers are excluding Rural Areas people! Undoubtedly Arce will win elections in 1st Election! Voters suffer emotionally to the perils of contracting Sars CoVid2!Arce guarantees Free Universal health care, employment, dynamic internal market, No-devaluation, estability for Bolivia& Lithium industrialization!#NOtoFraudByOEAobservers& #FraudBymilitaryCustodiansOfBallotBoxes!

No one controls BlackRock oil& carbon corporations! (Part2)

No one controls BlackRock oil& carbon corporations! (Part2) For Hegel the Corporation was the progresion of the guild. For weber it was the jerarchical vertical pyramide structure authority, For Marx the corporation was the burgoisie merchantilist class extracted the agregate value as private profit & of having the control of the means of production and the explotation of the working class. For W Wilson the corporstion needed to be strong and the state to create economic opportunities for the corporation class. But whatup the ante for the American corporation. A series of legal rulings which created the corporation as a living breathing citizen. I may add, the corporation as a citizen with full legal rights was& is the biggest deception in human history, bc it's a fake citizen who executive govs& judicial branches gave them more rights than humans and exempted the corporatefake citizen from obligations, accontability, transparency and fairness standards that na

Why are we not being taught about corporations' ends?

To my fellow Climate defenders: Why are we not being taught about corporations' ends? (Part1) I know many of you are frustrated, confused and deceived and you haven't found the solution in Climate conferences but oil proliferation has increased even in times of Sars-CoVid2 economic recession and # Climate CatastropheForestFires/CCFF and 20X Carbon Pandemic hangs over our heads while countlessly subsidized BlackRock oil Corporations quadrupled their profits while we are being prematurely deprived of our lives by more than 70 million carbon pandemic victims annually! The cause of it, is # BlackRock # OilAndCarbon Corporations/for short BlackRock, who are beyond the NationState and any Government& United Nations/UN control or UN Charter. And BlackRock has deceived your grandoarents& parents inder the excuse that only Oil& carbon capitalist economic model creates the jobs they need and that what is god for BlackRock is good for them and therefore only through these

Will congress bear fruits or empty sophists' words against: monopolies?

Will congress bear fruits or empty sophists' words against: Monopolies? Did you hear congress has aparently concluded FB, Apple, Amazons, Google... are monopolies and they are asking how to correct these monopolies. If its official congress, it's too little too late, trying to correct these anticompetition monopolies, bc the damages are countless and there is no money that can correct the consequences of these monopolistic fictitious carbon corporations who control the lives of almost all humanity, nor they can resurrect their victims. Bc these monopolistic corps, invaded their privacy and as in the case of chinesse Tianamen square's victims, whose names they turned to the chinesse gov, in exchange of having access to the chinesse market and caused them horrible tortorous deaths and decades of unjust imprisonment! Please remember its childish to give them a slap on the wrist and tell them to go on with their elitist carbon business as usual, bc it endangers our health

False Perceptions of FB Community Standards

 Dear FB and M Zuckerberg: Re: You're mistaken facts, history and free literature with your false perceptions of community standards violations! What I post is factual history and academia proves it. It is so: Monroe created his doctrine, " No foreign power may meddle in the affairs of States geographically located in the Americas: from Akaska to the tip of tierra del fuego. (Argentina)" His doctrine is flawed bc each country is sovereign and not a posession or property of the USA, hence Monroe's doctrine is absolutely wrong outside the USA's territory. Monroe can't make claims on countries who are not member states of USA. Non-English speaking multiethnic people from Canada, Mexico, Central America & SouthAmerica never accepted being serfs nor will they ever accept that. That's is their independent Sovereign States' will and liberty! Since its foundation during cold war, OEA (OAS) was created as a proxy tool for control through false electio

Alerta Bolivians C Mesa sufre incurable altzheimers!

 Alerta Bolivianos C mesa sufre enfermedad incurable Altzheimers! Evidencia del Neurologo Mario Camargo Villarreal confirma q C Mesa sufre trastorno neuropsiquiatrico serio de Altzeitmers q es enfermedad progresiva, irreversible e incurable! Como la vida de 12 millones de Bolivianos puede estar en manos de un paciente con tan avanzada enfermedad q lo incapacita? #OEAPersonaNoGrata #FueraOEA  

corporate police should be eliminated.

  Corporatists finance your own Posey-Police & No more with USA' Nal treasury& Cities's money Countless American citizens like me are being denied their constitutional rights, civil rights& human rights by the Aryan Elitist Posey-Police United States/PPUS within a State. I will not talk of the external OilCountriesVictims of the PPUS but of the internal victims! I am a law abiding and peaceful follower of a man of peace Itzak Rabin, who has not even a jay walking ticket, who finished watching CIDH hearing on U.S's police. The US's DOJ stated they are dedicated to correct the imperfections of the police, through training them how to deal with dual diagnosed people of color,Choquehold, the use of force& police internal affairs vs the people who presented its grievances about those very issues& US Federal laws and the deceptive language of DOJ & neverEnding promises to correct those laws and the police out of control across the US. Since my c