Arce has a landslide lead over Mesa&Camacho in Bolivia!

Rapid count at 95%: Arce has a landslide election lead over Mesa&Camacho in Bolivia!

CIESMORI CONTEO RAPIDO at 95% gives 21% advantage of votes to MAS' candidate Luis Arce Catacora over Twice sore looser @CarlosDMesag, extreme right candidate whose lies& collusion with OAS, the bolivian military& police, latifundio& catholic church+ UstachaTerrorists, produced a Coup against MAS indigenous environmentalist party, but thanks to the brave people of Bolivia, sick and tired of a dictator poppet of a unipolar power and thanks to the sacrifice of internacional observers like the argentine elections overseers, tonight octuber 18th 2020, said rapid count confirmed exiled Dr Felipe Campos forecasted victory of Luis Arce.
There is hope, there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel of opression which the fascist gov of JeanineAnez, unjustly has sunk the people of Bolivia!
But Luis Arce is walking a mined field,  which may explode in unnecessary massive violence, given the fact that the greedy unipolar power and Mesanez coalision of Latifundio party, hold the guns and the key to the presidential palace and given the fact, these defeated Mesanez colluders stands to lose millions and face penal processes for sedition against the state and high treason against Bolivia, multiple genocides, corruption, political persecutions, SarsCoVid deaths of countless oppositors, human rights violations, so they may end in lifetime prison at Chonchocoro! These colluder election loosers, headed by sicopaths as Arturo Murillo, F Lopez, F Camacho may protect their own interests& freedom from prosecutions and serve prison, may resort to their pre-planned and ongoing election fraud, by electronic software and hardware and since their crime military partners are ballot box custodians, they have the means& opportunities to steal MAS' landslide imminent victory and should their election fraud fail, they have plenty 5.5 calibre bullets, guns and armoured carriers to mow down innocent, peaceful& unarmed indigenous climate defenders, who racially, they hate as satanic heathens and they may  repeat the Sacaba and senkata genocides& repeat their lies, "Indian salvages shoot each other, our military and police didn't shoot them"
But we are holding our breath and hope the unipolar power and the Mesanez Gov refrain themselves and let the physical vote count go on for the next days till it is completed and TSE officually announces Arce won the elections, anf if Mesanez agrees to deliver the power to Arce and let him govern & rebuilt Bolivia's economy, after they wrecked it in 11 months!
However it will be time and the facts which will show us if the Election loosers make a civilized transfer of power to Luis Arce!
Part of a civilized and peaceful transition is in the hands of latifundist cattle robber baron Lucifer Camacho, whose father, Fermando Lopez, is the chief of the military and it is him who will destroy Bolivia or let it rebuilt for he co-comands terrorists UstachaJewish militiamen! However if Camacho decides to play a deal maker and hand out power to elected Arce, he will be carving his own future, bc he will be remembered as the man who accepted an election defeat but gained popularity as a man who helped to return peace, stability and reconstruction of the motherland! And in doing so and concentrating in being a peaceful legislative opponent to MAS, he will become the man who displaces for good Carlos Mesa and become the next front runner against MAS, in 2025! presidential elections.

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