C Mesa leads extreme right wingers' pledge not to let MAS, come back to power!

C Mesa leads extreme right wingers' pledge
not to let MAS, come back to power!

Seven Bolivian presidential debaters exposed their ideas about the future for Bolivians, this Oct 3 2020.
Extreme right candidates consistently ganged up against MAS' candidate Arce, and their solutions are Theocratic, moralistic, vengeful, divisive and unfeasible policies they proposed!
Being undenyable the fact, MAS candidate L Arce Catacora& Comunidad Ciudadadana's candidate C Mesa, are the two who stood above the other 5 candidates, we won't discussed in detail the latter 5, but the debate performance of Arce& Mesa, in the following days.
Tonight we briefly outline, Mesa's policies show the destruction to the hopes of battered & suffering bolivians.
Co author of black November  2019Coup D'etat against MAS's election win, Mesa attempted to hide some of his destructive Neoliberal policies but implicitly came out his main policies of Autonomic Federalism, vendetta against MAS, Racial& segregation of Class difference against mayoritarian indigenous people, Theocracy, corporate tax cuts, State loans to benefit  corporations&Banks, privatization of State industrial institutions, massive laid offs of State union workers...
By constrast MAS's candidate Arce, outperform Mesa, his economic&political& social platform are feasible and he seeks inclusiveness of all Bolivians in his proposals.

The Achilles heel of Mesa is his divisive Autonomic- Federalism which will partition Bolivia territorially& pit Bolivians against  olivians, that is, autonom8c federalism which is outright federalism, will lead to war 2020: Bolivians residing in eastern/Half Moon Bolivia, this 2020, will take us back to the year 2008 partition& ethnic cleansing days against indigenous Climate defenders of the Western highlands of Bolivia.
Arce's Achilles heel is Mesa's Anez's ongoing desperate move/movida to inhabilitate MAS& Arce  from being  candidates for the soon aproaching Oct 18th 2020 election, by Means of TCP, TSE&OAS, USA, Lima Group& EU& Catholic church.
When Mesa- Anez's electronic fraud is materialized, the already polarized& in economic crisis Bolivia, may find itself at the gates of Civil war, given the fact, the election machine is totally in Mesa Anez's hands!
In fact Anez's multiple minister Arturo Murillo has ready it the cracking against MAS and he is already anounced& admitted publicly apriori, Mesa is theNext President but accussed MAS is executing a CoupD'etatas soon as Mesa wins the elections and MAS cries "fraud" peotesting against it with a Coup against Mesa.
Its all false& malicious accusations against MAS but Anez' Murillo multiple minister has already mounted the mythical lie of MAS is executing a Coup against Mesa, and he will says, "see...it happened. I told you so"
The fact remains Arce will win the presidential, legislative& regional elections in the first round, should this be miracle-clean elections and colluders Mesa-Anez' do not inhabilitate Arce by Means of their sold out and controlled TCP& TSE and it involves all the extreme right wing presidential election candidates to repeat lastbyears coup again but with the difference they hold all the election machinery but keep like lady year the armed 40000 military- police troops plus Death Squats Juventud Kochala& Juventud civica crucena, etc, all six right wing candidates have publicly vowed "MAS will never return to power" and Chi has demonized indigenous climate defenders who have been unable to stop the right winger gov arsonism of more than 10 million hectars, by calling them, " Comunists" despite the fact it has never existed comunism in Bolivia but it is a school of the america's death execution policy which has been ingrained in operatives as Chi and the Bolivian military.
How do they know Mesa will win the elections, when they have not taken place yet?
They are the ones committing the above active deadly conspiracy and planning it and are demonizing Arce before the people, to repeat  Excel Crisis is our brand's Coup D'etar against MAS of Black Nov 2019, Mesa Anez...will repeat it again in Octuber 2020 & sadly for the unarmed& innocent and peaceful indigenous climate defenders, it will be a Black November 2020 at the hands of armed Carbon right wingers who have vowed to never let MAs back into power!

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