Carbon Pandemic, NeverEnding oil wars, famine& sarsCovid2 threaten humanity!

Carbon pandemic, Neverending oil wars, mutating sarsCoVid2& famine threaten humanity!

As all living beings of flora& thw animalia kingdom, we Humans depend on our ecosystems& habit, else famine, mass death and extinction, unjustly seizes us against our will!
Blackrock oil& carbon corporations along with pharmaceutical and petrochemical& Bayer cause us carbon and oil pandemic, coupled with #SarsCoVid2&NeverEnding oilwars& racial- religious wars, which are raising 6°C or more within a decade from now. The hotterbit gets our ecosystems& habitats are killed & famine& extinction awaits us bc animals like us can not live& feed ourselves from dead soil, dead ocean and permanenty gone glaciars, permafrost and deadly unbreathable methane, niteous oxide& carbon dioxide air that kills us with cancers, famine and epidemies like SarsCovid2, and since politically rushed vaccines are failing for Astrazeneca, Johnson& Johnson, billions of dollars that were prepaid are wasted and when they will firceafully vaccinated us with these unsafe and inefficient vaccines, it will permanently distroy the only inmune system that has protected humans for such a long time and condemned us to die in mass.
People like myself who survived SarscoVid2, will get reinfected by mutating SarsCoVid2 and possibly die.
Matter of fact reinfected people suffer far more deadly consequences than the 1st time.
A good vaccine doesn't nor potentially will exist at least within a decade, bc sarscoVid2 keeps mutating and reinfecting 1st time survivors of this mutating virus and without govs testing for free this mutating virus, it's almost impossible to tract the reinfected people's genome and therefore impossible to find a vaccine that can work, complicated by aymptomatic carriers of this mutating #SarsCoVid2 virus.
You can read more on Lancet medical magazine about SarsCoVid2!
When asked DrFelipe Campos, about these reinfected and asymptomatic patients, he said, "this blood disease mutating sarscoVid2 can't be eliminated soon, and much like the cold virus, it keeps mutating and active researchers need to learn and study and follow sarsCoVid2 patients & asymptomatic patients and study them for a long time to learn how their genome's antibodies gets affected and feeds the virus cell which multiplies and how we can try to trial it inlab and through clinical phase 3, to see if we achieve a safe and efficient vaccine but above all don't rush for a political vaccine, bc it can be the end of much of humanity with a politically rushed SarsCoVid2 vaccine.
Though its a deadly virus and  it may remain as the flu virus for long years, don't despair nor panic bc 1 million casualties is less than 7 million dying annually by sarsCovid2 famine and 7 million of gun victims and 70 million of humans dying prematurelly annually, due to carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, 1000 frackig deadly chemicals..."

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