carbon zero by 2050 but 2020x oil growth perpetuation till making us extinct?

Carbon zero by 2050 but 20X oil increase perpetuation till making us extinct?

The global carbon-oil-badshooshoos economy is a complete failure that is destroying our health, our biodiversity& home Earth and threatening us with irreversible extinction. And its badshooshoos elite that is a state which monopolizes BlackRock carbon corporations& governments, through tax cuts, bail outs& endless subsidies, perpetuates it through the biggest market known as the all volunteer Paris Agreement carbon stock trade with carbon tax, double carbon credits and violates humanity with deceptive resilience, adaptation& mitigation& unjustly treating humanity by throwing beggars change/ carbonTax, innexchange for continuing to kill our health and stuffing our lungs with carcinogenic greenhouse gasses, stuffs our stomachs with food and water contaminated with deadly methane, 1000 fracking chemical residuos, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide and when we protest they deceive us with false promises to eliminate carbon by 2035, 2050& 2060 offered by oilJoe Biden, EU& China by current USA gives a hoot for us and is stepped by irreversible climate catastrophe we are experiencing in the west coast of USA, Artic, Siberia, glaciars, oceans and so on.
Their catholic pope admitted publicly Capitalism is failed humanity but he's accomplice to it bc he doesn't denounce carbon pandemic is the cause of colapse of humanity and colapse of capitalism and refuses to make a religious procession for our home Earth as he does for christmas, Easter and kings day, bc he is sold us out for 33 pieces of silver, bc he loves carbon tithes& carbon offerings and mass offerings to fatten their priestly grasso belly pots!

I follow goodshooshoos Itzak Rabin bc he fought for us jews, to have peace and life by coexisting with our neighbors peacefully!
Good hearted Greta doesn't listen to reality yet and she's been deceived by Elitist Obama-Biden's carbon tax to fix it all carbon climate damages, but Greta's naively believes them and protests in the middle of nowhere and in front of the bundestag and before Merkel and theykeep deceiving her with flowerish useless words& false promises and Greta doesn't listen to experienced anticarbon retired faculty.
Biden is a carbon gaser of humanity along with Trump and so we are being genocided by these carbon breed, the same carbon corporatist gasmen who gased our 6 million antinazi dissidents during WWII: Shell oil, Standard Oil, JP Morgan bank, city Corps bank, Bank of England, bank America, ITT, Ford, Volswagen...they are warmakers, merchants of death...
Greta climate emergency it is during and before it starts burning and before permafrost is about to melt, but we are already experiencing the climate models are at least 30 years off to our present reality. Bc we are experiencing in many places of our home Earth and becoming victims of Climate catastrophe forest fires. Siberia is burning almost a year, amazons too, the Artic permafrost melts now, siberia's permafrost gone, 70% biodiversity is extinct now and the remaining 30% including us will go extinct if at your 18th birthday you don't lead us with Civil Disobedience around the oil refineries, because 80 years of social movements has taught me either a social movement grows by engaging in massive civil disobediennce or if the social movement refuses to grow, it dies fast or slow but it dies by being routinely passive and ineficient in the middle of nowhere, while oil refineries keep stuffing gas to our lungs, and our bodies absorbe deadly excessive carbon foods and intoxicated waters, contaminated by fracking chemicals who killed our aquifers, rivers and sweet water lakes, we get water from for human consumption and plant irrigation!
What shall it be of us climate defenders: massive civil disobedience around oil refineries or passive protests in the middle of nowhere which is an Obama-Biden bad advise, bc they need to preserve and grow their oil interests but mislead us to carbon zero by 2050 but 20X oil increase in perpetuity till making us extinct?

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