corporate police should be eliminated.

  Corporatists finance your own Posey-Police & No more with USA' Nal treasury& Cities's money

Countless American citizens like me are being denied their constitutional rights, civil rights& human rights by the Aryan Elitist Posey-Police United States/PPUS within a State.
I will not talk of the external OilCountriesVictims of the PPUS but of the internal victims!
I am a law abiding and peaceful follower of a man of peace Itzak Rabin, who has not even a jay walking ticket, who finished watching CIDH hearing on U.S's police.
The US's DOJ stated they are dedicated to correct the imperfections of the police, through training them how to deal with dual diagnosed people of color,Choquehold, the use of force& police internal affairs vs the people who presented its grievances about those very issues& US Federal laws and the deceptive language of DOJ & neverEnding promises to correct those laws and the police out of control across the US.
Since my childhood was ingrained law& order but i'm getting old and still the same old excuses are given today as they were given under J Edgar Hoover and have experienced& i've seen the Antebellum & the Jim Crow laws i saw as a child and later heard it at Law School from iconized professors hasn't changed and the evidence of the ongoing subtle structural problem in the Posey Police United States hasn't changed but it continues subtly.
My iconized law professors are gone&I am not trashing my America and socratically I am questioning the structural problems that my profesors hated in me at the law school. I am being a realist before these 2 carbon Pandemic presidential candidates, who refuse but continue to overfund the Posey Police of the United States.
What's a Posey?
Mostly former confederate gang- police member hunting party after a dissident who they demonized and projected him as a danger to Aryan interests and a danger to himself, but not a danger to the community, but the Posey frames it as a danger to the community.
My documents got stolen and bc i looked to them a " dirty Mexican" than a si called all american individual, instead of writing a thorough transit accident against the rearbof my car, the posey dragged me and not listening threw me to ICE.
ICE threw me to a cramped undocumented concentratuon camp/ detention camp!
Was on a peaceful hunger strike, when the federal posey showed up and wouldn't listen.
Later the sageant of the posey police came in and ordered me to walk in the middle of the posey.
As i complied peacefully i was unprovoked choquehold from behind, couldn't breath and told them you are killing me. A knee on my back another knees on my calves, my bend back upward with a choquehold, " I am complying, i can,t breath you are kiling me" then dark and silenced covered me.
Woke up on a freezing dark metal room, a former US Marine sargeant face in the visor gesturing angry ordered me to kneel. Complied!
When finally someone listened, then discarged me from the contracted ICE concentration camp.
The Posey who impounded my car refused to give me back my car.
In answer to a US senator, who wrote for this American woman, the posey said, " Dual diagnosed,dirty mexican female was foaming off the mouth, was a danger to herself and police and to the community...the car is no more, bc it had rotten food so it was disposed..."
They had the car impounded in their police parking lot for months, how could non refrigerated fresh groceries remain under scorching climate catastrophe hot weather remain 3 months fresh but rotten?
The posey police covering their ass had demonized this woman, as a dual diagnosed and their 20 hrs of mental training, they had used to write it "dual diagnosed foaming off the mouth"
There had been no medical or psychometruc nor any oral examinatuon nor physical examination nor there was any foaming but a citizen requesting an accident report by a wreckless white woman who crashed against the rear of my car while i was parked before a stop blinking red light. The white officer favored the karen careless white driver and had arrested me. And I had to appear in traffic court and after i presented my case, it was dismissed.
DOJ, FBI and others didn't care to investigated posey police racism, chokehold, tortured, about 3 months unlawful arrest nor was compensated a penny for all thsese constitutional, civil rights& humanneights in what the world views the nation pride of Democracy, the pride of Human rights.
Taught at a University and at old age am retired, have no Jay walking ticket.
After honoring a court subpoena, was at court as a witness but little did i suspect the judge, the prosecutor& posey police valued their career police informant and though i proved the white drug dealer had broken into another woman's residence and there was compelling evidence for multiole crimes, they dissmissed the case.
I served legal papers to the dealer& his gang chief, but the latter played victim and was about to attack me. The woman who suffered a trespass of her residence, to stop the gangs called 911 and it saved me from being physically hurt (for serving TRO legal papers) by the gangs.
A sargeant show up and picking up the lega papers served it to the gang chief.
Weeks after a deputy sheriff ambushed me and i asked what he wants at my residence and had him read it.
" You were not served a TRO by a mansion owner...?"
"NO, and your same concocted TRO adnits with a signature of an alledged server, he didn't serve it to me but aleges it gave it to an unknown neighbor and since no one served me, I am not receiving the TRO until the prehearing order be served to me and i will then received it& prove the court, its a gang chief concocted TRO in retaliatuon for denouncing a drug dealer and my having served A TRO for the lady his gang broke into her residence.As a matter of fact a sargeant served it to the false accuser whi now is turned around and concocted a crime but its a false and non existing crime bc all i did was to served him legal papers from a lady whose house he ordered one of his gangs to break in, as a waybto force her to sell her resudence for 80K when she doesn't want to sell it and the market price is a half million dollars in this neighborhood"
Deputy refused to hear and threw the papers at me and left.
The court refused to hear there was no legal service, there was perjury committed by the chief gang and demanded to reserve the gang.
Served it to him.
" Not in my court, serve it in his house"
The judge prevented service and had the dealer leave.
The sheriff refused to serve and said all addresses are non inexistant, when asked why he refused to serve.
The police seargeant who answer to the 911 call, was transfered and when he received again the forms for him to sign he served it to the chief gang, he refused to sign it and hid himself multiple times inside his adminostrative police building, from then on not to received the court subpona and police forbade service inside their building.
The posey police revenged against this woman for having gone against their police informant and against the chief gang who concocted being a victim.
One night in the dark showed up a policeman when repairmen were about to leave and yelled, " Youbare 3byou are sorounding me" and heard it andvsaw him unclipping his gun.
"My gate is locked, I am not surrounding you" saidvto the officer standing outside my chain locked gate, and meighbors came out. Soon arrived another officer.
"I am a former classmate of Governor Brown, why is your other officer acting..."
The officer signed and the one with unclipped gun, descalated and had me unlock my gate.
I complied and he run reverse checking on the repair men and thebother officer asked me identification papers and i complied
I asked why all these harassment.
We were in the neighborhood and we are just making sure no house gets broken into.
It was ridiculous excuse for i was not nreaking in my own gate locked residence.
They left, I lodge complaints and the paper printed them.

The police kept attempting to break multiple times and at one opportunity, forced my locked gate and knocking my residence, threatened to break my door unless i opened my residence.
I ignored them!
They left!
Once nearly missed my head, and threw myself down for cover and called 911. The police refused ti come unless i tell them what kind of bullet they were shooting me.
I replied I am not expert on bulets but send police to the gamg next to my house, where someone was shooting towards me.
Came but refused me to sign citizens arrest against the gang and once they assertained, " they shot you withnan air rifle"
" whether air rifle or not, they admitted they shot at me, let me sign a citizens arrest for shooting at me and ongoing harrasment & threats of bodily harm and dead threats"
The posey police refused and protected the gang.
I sent all compelling evidence against the gang and against the police, but the compelling evidence DOJ refused to investigate.
I kept writting and sending them visual and other compelling evidence but DOJ refused to investigste.
The police retaliationn upped by means of their informants.
The crimes were: drug dealing, smuggling of poor bracero workers into the USA and shootings...
I began to hear pupe bousesvat night time and smell gas and had someone asked the utility company shut off gas and took us severalndays for them to listen then shut it off.
One night the gas smog&stench was umbearable despite the fact I closed my windows and doors. The woman who suffered a trespass of her residence by one of the police informants, called the fire department but they refused to come and refused to investigate why my backyard garden trees and house.
Next day we posted no trepass signs and locked it and saw plainclothess officers speaking with.the gangs.
The school closed and being empty and before sunset, i went to sleep so i could wake up midnight and guard my house against the gangs.
Something woke me up
but suddenly felt hit
Sometime after woke up ached and seeing someone by the window with effort seized him, the intruder turn and began to run and in the process pulled me out my window and we landed outside and he escaped but saw some faces and feeling hot, looked and saw a fireman.
I then saw part of my residence was on flames
And my trees were burning while i was unconscious.
I loved my trees and residence, dragged myself to the hoses and began to hose down on the fkames to save my residence while i talked to different fire men
Steange onlynone fireman was fighting the flames but notbthe flames of my house but my trees along andvaway house.
I kept asking the fireman call for more foremen
He ignored me.
I kept hosing with water my house, and heard noises in my house but i kept attempting to save my residence.
A firmam came out from inside my house andbthen spokebto the man i had grabbed my hands on. I weary of my house, kept hosing the flames but sometime after, firemen came and against my will impeded me from saving my house from the flames and threw me on the sidewalk and smoke kept getting me sick. My dog dragged me.
A police man i saw and i adked him to get a courtnprder and secure the evidence at the gang house mext to mine, bc they had materialized their death threat against me, but after listening to me, instead of doing so and let me sign citizen arrest for having set afkame me house and attempting to burn my house and me, the police rurn ti a paramrdic and then threatened to put me under arrest unless i leave.
I complied his order and an ambulance took me to the hospital.
I wrote to DOJ but to this day they refused to investigate the retaliating police department and the retaliating gangs. That's their justice served. They don't care for citizens and in this part of the country the gangs are working with the police and protect their police informants, who the police, etc and have given them more rights than you or me.
The DOJ is not for ordinary citizens but for corporate citizens.
So when i hear them talk the same old, same old but they don't change their antipeople policies and their "reform the police" is empty promises, i realize, poor Thelton Anderson who was the receiver of the OPD, jas fought and lost the war against the aryan posey police, bc we are still experiencing the subtle jim crow laws and it's an structural police pandemic problem with this overfunded aryan posey police, that eats up 40 to over 70% of cities budgets to defend and preserve the Aryan Elite Corporatist citizens' interest against 333 million ordinary Americans.
Enough of subsidizing police for corporatist elites' interests. If they needed they can oay with their corporarate private money and not with our Nal treasury!
I don't need the pandemic aryan posey police, do you?

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