Cuasi-Crisis in Bolivia!

Re: Cuasi-Crisis in Bolivia
Undoubtedly CIA contracted parties are repeating their 2008 ethnic cleansing policy and their 2019 Coup D'etat by falsely allegating electoon Fraud, this Oct18th 2020 was a peaceful election process but CIAcontracted civics& political parties are attempting to repeat their Coup D'etat bc tacially they reject indigenous climate defenders MASparty has repeated another landslide victory over these aryan racist right wing candidates C Mesa& LFCamachoV!
They reject L Arce- DavidChoquehuanca the CIESMori's 95% rapid count result, confirming a landslide victory 52.4% vs 31.5% for Mesa&14.1 for Camacho with a difference of 20% which according to the constitution Arce is the elected president who is waiting the finalization of the TSE count to announcing Arce as the elect president!
But because of wanting to profit with trillions of dollars in Bolivian lithium, CIA seemingly has moved his contracted parties and the latter headed by extreme right wing loosing candidate L F Camacho V is demanding, " TSE declare Null& Void this election" through its violent armed militias.
Given the fact 2019 Coup was aided and a etted by EU, carholic church and mainly the unipolar country's henchmen OAS, present to you this cuasi crisis's choices:
1] Do nothing and the Same coup D etat makers of 2019 will repeat a blood shed coup to avoid indigenous Arce be proclaimed the legitimately elected Oct18th 2020 president and Camacho or Mesa accompanied by police& armed military will take the Defacto presidency and it will blow into an unnecesary full blown civil war.
2) Act now by preempting the potential repeat of the 2019 Coup D'etat against a legitimatelly elected president by having the EU declare " The EU will not recognized any Defacto government, so to respect the election results and let Arce be one the legitimally elected president soon as it finishes the election count at 100%"
My request is for choice two, for you to assist Bolivia before the Unipolar power and OAS& the Bolivian parties, for them to agree the election count must not be disrupted by civil unrest nor by armed means.
Domitila Mamani M
Oct20th 2020

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