Fabricating presidents vs electing presidents!

Fabricating presidents vs electing presidents!

The Unipolar power is installing a new breed of made in USA presidents: J Hernandez, J Guaido, DanineAnez...and now attempts to fabricate MesaAltzheimerPatient as a president!
Hernandez was fabricated president by an electoral Coup D'etat when the unipolar powered who funds with money the OAS, had the OASElection observers headed by contractedTutoQuiroga to only recount 5% votes and then the Unipolar power imposed recognition through its Monroe toolOAS, J Hernandez as a fabricated president with a fakemask of being elected!
Last black November 2019, the unipolar power through its OAS tool produced a false fraud election report against Morales& boughtbout the military& police comanders plus armed Ustacha JewishCroats death squats and secretly extortioned Salvatierra, Perez& Borda to resgn in exchange of letting Evo to exile in Mexico, and then used a mentally deranged JeanineDanineAnez to autoproclain herself fabricatedpresident. Then forked out money to have Anez to becone an elected president but the people rejeted her for having committed multiple genocides against indigenous climate defenders, corruption of billions of Dollars, killing them with CoVid Pandemic and violent ongoing political persecutions against indigenous climate defenders, doomed indisgrace her presidency.
Then the unipolar power summoned Anez's lover and UstachaMinister of security A Murillo, a sociopath from his youth, and they planned and secretly signed a MesaCoup electoral electronic fraud with the complicity and colusion of bolivian military comanders trained at Fort Bening at the School of the Americas, which specializes in coups, torture& genocides. And trusted these bolivian military the custody of the ballot boxes is the key to the election fraud!
Then Anez resigned and endorsed Mesa, her co coup maker along with Lopez, Camacho, Albarracin...
Then ordered the Cia's doorman TutoQuiroga to resign his candiacy and endorsed Mesa.
Mesa's right hand man C Alarcon and Jimena Torrez signed ar the expiring hours CST joining Mesa's coalition CC. But now its pending the fraudulent CST endorsement of Mesa, bc Torrez was not a CST authority to endorse no one for CST.
The unipolar mighty hand is visible in this Bolivian election machine, which it controls: OASElectionObservers plus TSE, plus military custodians of poll boxes and a law forbidden to protest fraud election 2 days prior and after Oct18th 2020
It's a masked coup where the  Bolivian constitution is suspended for 4 days, enough time to match the electronic fraud , with the tampered and stilennvotes from Arce to add it to Mesa, to match the physical count of ballot votes with the numbers of the electronic fraud, sophisticated enough to enabled the fabrication of an aparent MesaElectionVictory, the biggest fraud in Bolivian election history and it may succeeed fabricating Mesa as tge president with a mask of an aparent election win.
This is the ugly reality that is already mounted and being executed ti fabricate mesa as the next president, against the will of the people, who consistently are making in all polls, Arce- Choquehuanca the election winners.
The mighty unipolar power enlisted OAS' SIP to publish through Chilean Newspaper in Bolivia PaginaSiete, the false news that Mesa is tied with Arce in the polls, which according to the most experienced American pollster Dr Felipe Campos is not possible, its a forgery and a hoax tying of Mesa with Arce, because Arce is consistedly won in all polls as the favorite chosen presidential candidat, who is bringing economic plans to tecreate the 14 years of bolivian economic prosperity he led in Bolivia as minister of Economy and his plans are sound and feasable economically. Plus All pollsters excluded in their intention of vote polls, the rural 45% voters, which is the very backbone of MAS victory on 2019 and octuber 2020, bc all these coluders have swirn a secret vow to not let MAS return to power, even if MAS stands to win but with military custodians of ballot boxes, TSE election body and OASElection observers, they will match during 4 days the physical ballot votes with the electronic fraud numbers, and once it matches, TSE will anounce Mesa winner, and at worst, they will recount only 5% repeating the Honduras election fraud, then anounce Mesa victor, who will receive the presidential transfer from Jeanine Anez, and they will crack brutally against any and all dissenters and protestors of this sophisticated imperial run election fraud.
What can indigenous climate defenders abd voters do to prevent and/or survive this electoral coup fabrication of MesaPresident?
Store food supply and water and forme peaceful small groups, you can assambly them for a given date and place, to resist and wear out the coup makers and you will survive and prevail not inmediatelly, but in due time because Arce is an elected president of the people by the people and for the people, who will make reality a free universal health care and jobs for the people, with stability, and industrialization and sale of lithium batteries made in Bolivia and owned by the people of Bolivia and not Elon Musk or any croatJewish robber baron, who steals lithium and enslaves them as they stole tin from Bolivians to make the GSA during WWII under the excuse of needing tin at bargainnprices to defeat germans!

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