Fake citizen BlackRock wins white house & threatens us with Carbon-Gas extinction.

FakeCitizen BlackRock wins white house & threatens us with irreversible Carbon gas extinction!

Global gov BlackRock Oil&carbon, banking corp has bought out former big shots in world banking institutions& former G-7& BRICS gov officials to globally talk of a folly carbon transition policy through its controlled global media.
This secretive global govt Corporate fake citizen supranational gov rules with the use of cuasi- monopolar power USA, our globe& academia knows it but like every G7& BRICS & other states, talks not of BlackRock systemic conflict of interest and Aryan elitist BlackRock secretly keeps going towards consolidating its Global Gov.
Few times you hear from them but all the roads lead to its private hub in New York city and its oil& carbon perpetuation with its failed carbon tax in the USA during the 8 years of the Obama-Biden Gov, with BlackRock having both carbon presidential candidates has no way to lose and through its Paris Agreement is about to consolidate oil, carbon&pesticides& transgenics& forest fires with a carbon tax.
Money never sleeps and being their milking cow vs Climate Defenders and since BlackRock through Obama&Biden, I'm told, has gained Greta's ears as advisors, good faith Greta keeps rightfully banging the bell of climate emergency with letters&protests AWAY from the oil refineries, oil sea platforms, oil sea ports, pipelines, carbon mines, World Bank building, FMI, European Bank, German Bank, Bank of England and BlackRock's headquarters in New york City and as BlackRock CEO is joked with Biden& oil corporate managers with smircks on their faces, "Keep writing all the letters you want, protesting in the middle of Nowhere& once a while meet for PR with Angela Merkel& keep babling denounciations against carbon but  remind people carbon zero in 2050 and believe in Biden's Green New Deal, but leave alone oil, bc we create oil jobs&people love oil jobs& love their fossil fuel guzzler vehicles, with the coming carbon tax approval by the all volunteer Paris Agreement signers, we'll live happily ever after. But don't ever engage your climate defenders in Civil Disobedience at our oil refineries...and say nothing about Joe Biden's fracking policy when we put him at the white house and maybe then we'll instruct the Nobel price committe to award you the Nobel peace price, one of these years and have you dance the climate emergency dance every friday for as long as you live"
There is something wrong with their policies, and that is Greta is been conned!
All volunteer pledges at Paris Agreement are oil cheaters' pledges& they will keep cheating.
Whether Trump or Biden wins, humanity& biodiversity, permafrost and glaciars...get closer to irreversible extinction and BlackRock wins!
Biden brings nuclear proliferation& doomsday, besides 20X carbon gassing us and while people don't give out their fuel cars& car bon related jobs, they make enough fair money in our dead mouths for Achaeron to accept our passage into Hades of Extinction and carbon tax will not resurrect us and our dead children by methane, nitrous oxide, mercury, 1000 fracking deadly chemical gasses used in shale rock fracking.
The longer you talk inaction and no oil refinery and no civil disobedience, the closer to extinction we'll be  hearded to.
BlackRock and its puppet Govs will keep winning while falsely talking of transition to clean energy, and its a lie to call clean energy to deadly fracking gases, bc they are not natural gas, but fossil fracking gas. Their is no OcasioCortes- Markey Green New Deal, but Biden's folly GND, in name only bc it increases to 20X fossil fuel, Mutually Assured Nuclear Destruction/MAD and destructive carbon and oil capitalism, which Biden calls his own GND but its a deceptive election gimmick bc its not a true Green New Deal!
Secretive Biden is closer to BlackRock's fossil fuel perpetuation.
Mater of fact, after his last debate, Biden denied banning Fossil Fuel and said he will never ban fossil fuel nor fracking!
And Biden's natural gas is genocidal fossil fuel gas!
Trump alienated BlackRock and that's why BlackRock chose silent and secretive Biden, who for half a century is overfunded aryan police and he admitted he will never defund killer overfunded police, who kills innocent people of color!
And join Massive #CivilDisobedience
Around oil refineries
Or BlackRock will continue its oil, carbon, banking global policies, which are threatening us with irreversible extinction not in 2050 but Now & here!
#2050Too little TooLate!

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