False Perceptions of FB Community Standards

 Dear FB and M Zuckerberg:
Re: You're mistaken facts, history and free literature with your false perceptions of community standards violations!

What I post is factual history and academia proves it. It is so:
Monroe created his doctrine, " No foreign power may meddle in the affairs of States geographically located in the Americas: from Akaska to the tip of tierra del fuego. (Argentina)"
His doctrine is flawed bc each country is sovereign and not a posession or property of the USA, hence Monroe's doctrine is absolutely wrong outside the USA's territory. Monroe can't make claims on countries who are not member states of USA. Non-English speaking multiethnic people from Canada, Mexico, Central America & SouthAmerica never accepted being serfs nor will they ever accept that. That's is their independent Sovereign States' will and liberty!
Since its foundation during cold war, OEA (OAS) was created as a proxy tool for control through false elections, de-stabilization, disinformation and coup D'etats, invasions and economic warfare against any latin American country who dared to question the Monroe Doctrine or other unconsented policies of the USA.
If Bolivia or any Non- English speaking Country were to send electoral observers to the USA, or were to have committed an electoral fraud against the people of the USA or made a Coup, or invaded the USA through the OEA, it would be an unacceptable act of agression against our USA.
Our USA's policy makers used the OAS to present a forged audit report accusing Bolivia's indigenous Party MAS/Morales of election fraud, and Mesa & OEA used the false audit fraud report to cause a coup. Thus Anez was unconsentedly imposed by OEA, EU, catholic church as a facade 3 month president and against laws and the Bolivian constitution she is almost a year in power due to those named actors of state power.
Our country never accepted foreign election observers but from behind OEA has imposed foreign observers on sovereign states without consent of the people.
Our Country the USA has a history of genocides, internment camps, broken treaties etc and through OAS/OEA wants to perpetuate who becomes president and who doesn't.
Well that is obsolete & as our country the USA expells asylum seekers, diplomats, etc, reciprocally each country has the right to expel persona non-Gratas and its not FB's business to tell anyone declaring personna non grata is against their interests and their immunity standards, because US citizens have the right to present their grievances and I peacefully presented my constitutional grievances against the Monroe Doctrine, the OAS and the false audit report they created to cause a coup against Morales. Currently OAS is out to repeat it and to denounce that it is not any crime.
And any literary writer using metaphores as i do, is simply creating literature and the characters of that free litrature and songs are not violating your secret, arbitrary vested interests to ban people without any due process and in violation of the USA's constitution, for denouncing the bad deeds of OAS and policy maker lietrature charachters.
Case in point the Benedictine middle age priests and priestly students wrote sexual obscenities and opera of the white elites presents it globally anywhere, " Carmina Burana" and they make tons of money. I write not for money nor profit bc as follower of Itzak Rabin i denounce injustice, carbon pandemic, greed for Lithium, which is causing 12 million bolivians to suffer and experience imposition of predetermined patient of Altzheimer, Mesa, who is alleged to be president- elect even before the election takes place 10 days after this literary peaceful column is posted but all the polls have consistently shown he has already lost it bc people reject him for colluding and selling them out and causing, along with OAS and some Policy makers, a coup with multiple genocides in 2019 and these bad literary charachters are about to repeat election fraud, coup by OAS, Mesa and their cohorts, who will again genocide indigenous peaceful climate defenders and I write and post to deter them from their evil violent election fraud and civil war with US-made weapons bc its no good for anyone, to cause Bolivians a civil war to steal their trillions of dollars in Lithium, Gold & intentionally arsoned lands.
Your known academicians and think tanks will corro borate that my postings are factual and lithium is coveted by these literary charachters, OEAprostitute and UnipolarPimp.
And if you want to change the facts and call this free and peaceful literature that affects your interests along with theirs, abrogate totally the constitution and enact new laws to enslave humanity. But so long as we climate defenders are alive, peacefully we will keep opposing and denouncing you badshooshoos literary characters who roam the world, under disguise of NGOs, human rights and environment you cause coup D etats by disinformation, exemption to politicians from factual check, from Washington to Kirgystan to Bellorusia, to Bolivia and beyond. 

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