Genocide arises!

At 95% election count, genocide arises with indictment and/or Coup D'etat in Bolivia!
Army& police executed victims' families, wait indictment against exe utor officers& Anez Cabinet!
Anez's chief repressor Arturo Murillo P& Lucifer Lopez, are perpetual denyers& liars who accussed the executed, were victims of each other & not of the police or military forces.
Further more, both alleged their military and police confronted face to face the civilian protestors at Sacaba and Senkata& falsely allege their forces didn't shoot any protestors.
Bolivian congressional investigation committee headed by Victor Borda, has now reached conclusions after investigating and hearing the testimonies of victims and ballistic experts.
Yet unrepentant Ustacha Murillo laid it thick, alleging the forces under his command at Sacaba& Senkata, didn't harm a fly, " I don't know any bullets, which when shot during a face to face confrontation, make a full circle around the victim and hit them on the back of the head, the back and side ribs"
For his part defense minister Lucifer Lopez falsely alleged, their confronting troops don't carry 5.5 mm bullets. They carry 7.62 mm!
But while hearing military officers testimonies, the compelling truth came out, "officers carried 5.5 mm ammo but the troops carried 7.62 mm" and all the victims were murdered by 5.5 mm bullets, which translated means the officers were the executors of unarmed& peaceful indigenous climate protestors, who protested against socisk injustice of the Defacto Anez Gov!
With so much compellent evidence, the masterminds and the executioners are in former dictator Hugo Banzer's shoes: Are we getting indicted for crimes against humanity and face over 30 years of prison with no possibility of pardon and die in prison?
For one the Cia won't ever be indicted but their bolivian contractees as masterminds, may get indicted along with the executioner officers of more than 30 cold and premeditated assasinated indigenous climate defenders from Sacaba, Senkata..., while knelt and blind folded, received the coup the grace on the back of the head, the back, the side ribs.
In other words, thdy are the unarmed victims of classic fascist executions on the back of their bodies!
But Banzer didn't wait to get indicted bc he colluded with his mentored former aides, who he had promoted to comanders of large guarrisons, like L Garcia Mesa  and had them execute a coup D'etat and that way Banzer avoided indictment, prosecution and prison for crimes against humanity he had committed during his 7 year dictatorship!
By analogical comparison Anez cabinet including Ustacha chief & minister of Government& security, to avoid prison for crimes against humanity is considering to pull another Coup.
Given the fact, Murillo has already his military and police and ustacha jewish terrorists armed to the teeth with madebin USA assault rifles, already on the streets, all he needs is to receive the from his imperial contractor," clear to engage..." order from the Potomac River headquarters and he will roll towards targets, these heavy armored carriers already on the streets disguised as being ballot box custodians, play the National hym, and the Ustacha Hymn Viva Santa Cruz, on his main media outlets and round up political prisoners or shoot at any moving already singled out targets.
All this intrigue and pilitical tension has already caused songled out journalists to hide and run before they hearing the machine guns rata-tata, tatatata singing at them or being kidnapped as HVD and flown to third countries and deliver there, to undergo regular enhanced interrogations by water boarding! And Murillo will get a videotape of journalists and other HVD's confessions of being communist agitators and or narcotrafficker terrorists, which all tortured people say confessingbimaginary crimes they have been told to repeat of suffer more excruciating drowning water boarding torture and be killed and their corpses never found.
As cold and " Missing" movie holywoodesque as it sounds, it's the reality Bolivians live in the midts of another presidential election count and while the TSE under Anez goes at turtle pace, now at 95% count, ordinary citizens are glued to their i-phones, expecting their dreams and expectations ofln landslide lead MAS candidate, hear the oficial anouncement, " LuisArce- David Choquehuanca, president-VP elected 2020-2025"
Aside, DrFelipe Campos has asked Bolivians, to remain calm at Ustacha terrorists attacks& not to respond with violence, but we know of people requesting the elected president Arce, as soon as TSE announces him official winner, accompanied by election observers, to l present himselfbwith Choquehuancaat ALP and take the presidential oath, bc Murillo may round them up and neutralize or imprison all political actors and abort the elected Oct18th 2020 president, from taking office.
Why wait unnecessarily after TSE announces them as official winners, until for January 21st 2021 or end of No ember or end of Octuber, or end of December, which gives Murillo and his ilegally promoted military commanders to give them time wise, the oportunity to perfect their second-in-a row-coup D'etat against the Sovereign People?

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