JoeBiden reneges of congressional GND according to Fact-checker!

JoeBiden reneges of congressional GND according to Fact-cheker!

Seeking to defeat hatefulTrump. OcasioCortes&JoeBiden are calously lying to american voters& environmentalists.
Ocasio Cortez& Markey allege to have a GND to abrogate carbon by 2028 but the OcasioCortes- Markey GND that she implied Biden had embraced in exchange of voting for him to reach carbon zero by 2028 doesn't exist and Biden has twice publicly reneged of congressional GND& he doesn't support the GND and is running as an oil funded candidate to unseat Proud Boy D Trump.
Pressed by journalists, Ocassio Cortez admitted publicly her congressional NGD is not what Biden has accepted bc, she proposes carbon zero by year 2028 and Biden proposes carbon zero by 2035 and while debating before Chris Wallace Biden reneged of the congressional GND & alleged he has his own GND.
Worst betrayal came when Ocasio Cortez admitted to the press, "Biden& I have to figure out which NGD we support"
We are experiencing climate catastrophe forests fires inthewest coast,speciallyin southern California and Biden's and Ocasio Cortez' lies are callous, inhuman& malicious,
because these 2 continue to lie while our friends die burned and millions of animals are cruelly disappearing in a hip of ashes and these 2 are lying to their teeth just in order to reach power at any cost, just as Evil arsonist Trump!
They are identical evils!
Both carbon candidates are bad choices bc both are unrepentant lifetime carbon gasers of humanity and they are no solution to the carbon Pandemic, their policies are 20x carbon toxic increase and making us experience irreversible climate catastrophes, ice-melting Antartic, Siberia, glaciars, climate catastrophe forest fires, storms, droughts& floods, etc!
Attached are fact checker's evidence of Biden reneging publicly he doesn't support Ocasio cortez- Markey GND, so there is no reason to vote for Biden who also admitted he willl not ban deadly fracking, and of course never vote for Trump the faker& Proud Boy in chief!
Biden a consumate sophist&con-man& liar& identical to Trump uses false word GND, but it is no Green-New-Deal but a false promise, and is no GND bc congress has not aproved it & is a unilateral Biden's false promise, bc he as a lifetime oil subsidizer, Biden knows Republican controlled senate majority will never aprove it and knows he has insufficient votes to have even his-own-fake-GND be aproved, bc Republican legislators will always reject it!
Please read fact checker and draw your own conclusions!
If you want to survive extinction, peacefully  join
#CivilDisobedience to
#AbrogateBig Oil!
At the presidential debate Biden says he doesnt support Congress' Green New Deal. He claims to have one of his own. But his own is too little, too late. That is what comes of a politician accepting oil industry money to run his campaign.

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