Kidnaping of diplomat Election observer in Bolivia!

@TSEBolivia SalvadorRomero
Re: Kidnapping of diplomat Election observer in Bolivia!
Hours before election, on orders of security minister Arturo Murillo, Bolivian police waited to ambush unjustly, black listed international observers from Argentina! 
In fact were coward and shockingly ambushed, attacked with chemical weapons, tortured& at least congressman F FigioliOK suffered heart attack as consequence of police torturers trained in the USA, who kidnapped him, his life in danger of Inminent death!
There can't be no transparent, fair elections under gun point Coup Makers& military custodians of ballot boxes and police kidnappings of diplomat Election observers who were prior invited to Bolivia, but now kidnapped & voters intimidated& terrorized with death by the Anez Gov!
Overhaul the whole election machine of Bolivia, else ElectionFraud is too visible&unacceptable & may lead to unnecessary civil war in Bolivia!
As I write these lines with tears in my eyes, request to you: After 2019 Coup D'etat by OAS& Anez, Mesa...You must guarante F Figioli's life & fair & transparent elections without military and police intimidation and terror against peaceful& innocent voters' lives!
Mamani M
Octuber 17th 2020

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