L Arce wait's for Mr Biden's carrot or the stick!

L Arce's waits Mr Biden's carrot or the stick!

I don't know what is going through the head of Luis Arce, the newly elected president of Bolivia but Bolivia is still polarized & the Defacto regime of Anez holds the force and Mr Trump is not on the side of the new elected president, while armed UstachaJewishCrost terrorists in plain clothes, are roaming through Bolivia, the military& police commanders ilegally promoted in rank and on charge of large guarrisons are not on the side of Arce& have so much to lose, including their freedom for making the 2019 Coup& comitting multiple genocides of smsll scale!
Extrangely amid intrigue and polarized Bolivia, after the TSE announced officially Arce- Choquehuanca with the MAS party won by obtaining 55.10% of the vote and a congressiobal majority!
Last night we know some journalists threatened by the Ustacha chief and security czar minister Murillo& defende minister Lucifer Lopez, had to be flown out of Bolivia under death threats from Murillo& Lopez!
Strangely rather than speedily bringing Bolivia into the hands of legitimately elected president Arce, the latter is suddenly announced he won't be taking the govt until November 8th 2020.
That is 15 days from today!
After gauging for clues among MAS de ision makers we're at loss bc nothing we were informed explains why arce is wasting 15 precious days, while the potential threat of a Coup has not dissipated and still hangs over his head.
We aproached Dr Felipe Campos, who knows the intricacies of Bolivian politics and the USA's and he said
"Arce can't expect USA's assistance at the present time and knowing Luis Arce, leads me to believe he is placing all his eggs in the basket of Mr Biden, but had he lived 80% had he been educated in USA and if he knew the political career of Mr Biden and his political decisions and policies, he is making the error of believing, rebuild Bolivia's in-tatters economy and seeking prosperity through Mr Biden, and in having no realistic profile on Mr Biden, he is setting himself for a shock& a financial shock for Bolivia, unless he hands out the Lithium into Mr Biden's hand, gold, lands, gas and contracts only with american corporations, agrees for the biggest military base in LatinAmerica ti be permanently located in Bolivia, and a multinacional force in Santa Cruz and the permanentbreturn of USAID& DEA to Uyuni, to secure the lithium gets shipped to USA in exchange of beggar's change and supports Alejandro Almagro as secretary Gral and joins the Lima Group and sends a Bolivian force as part of the Lima group and/or OEA's in the intervention of Venezuela, he won't get anything but the stick"
After we heard Mallku Felipe Campos, we now now why Nov 8th 2020 has been chosen for the swearing ceremony of Luis Arce-David Choquehuanca: Luis naively believes in Biden!

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