No one controls BlackRock oil& carbon corporations! (Part2)

No one controls BlackRock oil& carbon corporations! (Part2)

For Hegel the Corporation was the progresion of the guild. For weber it was the jerarchical vertical pyramide structure authority, For Marx the corporation was the burgoisie merchantilist class extracted the agregate value as private profit & of having the control of the means of production and the explotation of the working class. For W Wilson the corporstion needed to be strong and the state to create economic opportunities for the corporation class.
But whatup the ante for the American corporation.
A series of legal rulings which created the corporation as a living breathing citizen.
I may add, the corporation as a citizen with full legal rights was& is the biggest deception in human history, bc it's a fake citizen who executive govs& judicial branches gave them more rights than humans and exempted the corporatefake citizen from obligations, accontability, transparency and fairness standards that natural citizens are obligated to comply before the State ...but corporations roam free and mostly out of control of any single gov, country or UN authority or from the National security council but though the latter has the power to destroy a corporation like FaceBook..., we haven't seen the security council distroying corporations, which means they are cuasi inmune and impune!

Academia is failed to teach corporations and their UN classofication and what they do nowadays
And given the sectetive nature of BlackRock oil& carbon corporations we don't know how deeply are involved in the fate of humans, for good or bad.
But diligently searching you will find scant news about secretative oil& carbon corporations but in order to understand what these monsters do to humanity or to a portion of himanity you have to use caution, common sense, dediction and fell in the dots to aproach close to what they are doing to our soceties, our health and lives and to our home Earth and it's climate and biodiversity, etc.
The UN currently has a powerless general assambly controled by the arbitrsry sel appointed 5 members of the Security council, wherein our country the USA being the 20%:fund donor and trying to become the sole unipolar power who controls most of the general assambly members by means of economic and military coersion, coaction and other means is the mayor player, followed by Rusia& China, etc.
And despite its founders subterfuge, the UN is a mayor corporation and compared to Blackrock corporation, the gral assambly has no power but mostly empty words, one of the reasons why we are not abrogating oul& carbon pandemics but they are increasing 5x carbon emissions!
In 2000, blackrock move the strings from behind the scene, and Tricorporate monsters met: Banks, oil& carbon corporations and labor, forming over 8000bcorporations compared to 46 corporstions in 1946!
The Banks& oil& carbon corporations outdid the labor corporations and environmental NGOs. Since then the UN made a hierarchy of corporations and the mayor player hot more time to be consultive corporations to the UN, sidelining labor corporations and environmental NGOS.
This has negative consequences for environmental NGOs, and it becomes worst when we see both USA's presidential candidates are oil& carbon pushers, with Biden outdoing Trump but Biden will increase fracking in Oil& gas extraction as he is admitted publicly je is not an environmentalist candidate and he will increase su sidiez and resurrect nuclear corporations unde the guise of producing deadly dirty electricity by nuclear plants and getting too close to Mutually Assured Destruction/MAD policy.
As you can see Blackrock oil& carbon corporations is beyong any govs control but on the contrary it controls govs, the UN...
I've got to go now...

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