People need to claim back their intelectual independence!

People need to claim back their intelectual independence!

Westerners who are bookish as us goodshooshoos, need to liberate ourselves from Corporate academia whose agenda is to perpetuate intelectual racial Religious coal copy reproduction in academia.
We need to claim back our intelectual independence which we were born with and when we attended school, university, etc, they stripped our intelectual creativiry and independence for holllow post doctoral degrees.
Today discussing little Bolivia, will address the need to claim back our intelectual independence!
In Colonial times, european religious colonizersbin the Americas, imposed religion, besides Latifundio, etc
In 2019 AngloAmericans religious interests controlling the OAS, fabricated a doctored fraud report in their audit, alleging fraud by indigenous MAS climate defenders and based on the OAS-Catholic church viciated audit report of election fraud, stripped the Indigenous of their electoral victory mo
nitored by countless election observers and executed a Coup D'etat and comitted genocides of indians as in the past millenium and signed trillionsbofbdollars in Lithium give away to anglo americans.
Octuber 18th withball the election machine under the control of UstachaLatifindio Coup makers from 2019, international elections monitors, lead by OAS, conducted the elections and indigebous climate defenders won 55.1% to 29% in the presence of all parties's election representatives, withba consistent REP  and true ballot count tielding the same voctory for MAS as in 2019 but these time a landslide victory.
All delegates sigbed and all international observers signed and even the right wing candidates accepted and recognized the landslide victory of MAS, except religious fascist born again baby LF Camacho who prided alone he executed the 2019 coup, and year 2020 he refused to accept his defeat bc he got barely 14%!
These entrenched Latifundists Jewish croats discriminate indigenous, even though they are created by their same god but bc theybate indigenous, they refuse to let them be the elected govt and with AngloAmericanbreligioys money and waiting for Biden Nov3 to win election and Nov4 give them the order to execute the coup against the democratically ekected indigenous Magistrate inneconomic holder, they are advancing again, their fabricated allegation of election fraud oct 18th 2020 
MesaCamachi Latifundists are engaging and tepeatibg systematic violent attacks, camping in fron of the Bolivian congress, choired and inciting to sedition the 8th division of the army, " we want military- Police-Larifundio Triunvirate gov, saves us from comunism"
Then in Cochabamba across police headquarters seditiously demand the Nal armed police to take power as they did in 2019. 
And these Religious Latifundio vociferous elite aryan who backed by NED& USAID, etc are mass transporting their terrorist militia Ustacha  to thevseat of gov, met with 2019 Couo maker& dictator J Anez, then dailybask her " Don't deliver the presidency Nov8th"
Undoubtely they are systemically advancing the repetition technique taught at the School of the Americas &CIA, infiltrating groups and waiting for Biden to win elections and execute the coup and let Biden bring a giant Military base to Geopolitical core Bolivia and to the Lithium salars to insure, the vital interests of the unipolar power by claiming they are protecting Bolivia against foreign powers.
Biden policies built half a century of invasions, ocupations& extracting oil from those victim countries and will order Venezuela and Nicaragua onvasion&ocupations to root out  godless comunism.
Thete is no comunism but the fabrication propaganda bc if you define welfare laws as Comunism, then the USA is a comunist country, whichbis untrue, as intrue of Venezuela& Nicaragua and now Bolivia.
Dr Felipe Campos is an experienced brinksman campaign strategist and antiCoup expert but for reasons i don't know Arce is not requested his assistance and sadly
Arce's advisors including Evo are naive and no match for the sophisticated cuasi- executing Coup makers before his nose, bc his few years in the UK in an economy masters degree have not prepared him for the evil fesogns, nasty, brutish and short  political reality of Excel, the Think tanks, the CIA, the pentagon, etc.
Arce needs to liberate himself intelectually and realize his TSE card as victor means nothing to the coup makers before his nose and if he continues to bank on UE, USA, UN, OEA, Catholic church, etc, he will find himself out of power and withba useless victor card in his pocket and exiled, bc teillions of dollars in lithium are more than the double talk he is getting from the UE, USA etc, for after all, it was them who put MAS out by a coup and by having MAS to accept Anez, the Coup's head as president, and if the same coup makers get it their way with their double talk like Anez, " I will deliver the presidency to the election winner" he is a fool, bc, she is leading the same ustacha& CEPB who are chanting and inciting for a 2nd coup in a row, instead of conteilling them and arresting and prosecuting them for sedition. 
The CEOB through Ricardo Centellas double talks as their pope Pious double talked by blessing the nazi fascists in exchange for his chirchbreak state to be preserved in exchange of hiddenly keep blessing the nazi policies, including the gasing of innocent Jews.
CentellasTorquemada demands audit of election ballots, which is racism against indigenous Arce, whoch is a repetion of the 2019Coup's excuse!
If Centellas Torquemada wants an audit, where is his evidence of election fraud 2020 in order to request an audit?
He has none to show
As he has no Heaven to show either. Its all in believing his daring lies, for he's got no evidence of his fakse accusatuon of election fraud.
Both, the 2018& 2020 show consistently indigenous heavy votes accounts for both election victories, but  given the fact thar their latifundio religious candidates lost, the false church pursues their inquisitor campaign against indigenous Climate defenders, bc still they don't believe indians have a soul and don't believe indigenous got tired and they organized themselves and defeated the catholic opressing Latifundio white breed-class power!
Racism&religion are the worst evil opressions, why people don't want to liberate/free themselves intelectually?
@LuchoXBolivia liberate yourself intelectually and put an end period to the Torquemada inquisitor by taking the oath to office now, bc these colluding coup makers are not going to let you reach Nov8th bc of racism, religion& greed for trillions of dollars in Lithium...

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