que hacer cuando nos golpee Mesa otra vez!

Q hacer cuando nos golpee Mesa otra vez!
#NosRobanArceVictoria:MilicosCustodios de Anforas,TSE&OEAobservadores fraude electronico igualan papeletas de votos q milicos roban de Arce&paEvitar protestas contra FraudeMesaVictoria,2 dias antes&despues Fraude18Oct InconstitucionalmenteProhibenProtestasTiempo q AnuncianMesa
Presidente Xq evidencia VotosFisicos iguala numeros de fraude electronico&ningun auditaje electoral demostrara fraude& GolpeConsumado&Como a Guaido USA,UE, OEA,GrupoLimaE Iglesia loReconocen
MesAnez ordered military& police shoot to kill to any protestors who question Mesa becoming an imposed president with fraud& bullets
Ourbonly peaceful defense is to block embassies...and at home to defend the ALP to pose the unipolar power's elrisist racists who allege to defend their vital interests but its not for the people of the US nor for Bolivians, but their own elitist racist interests and they impose ilegally his handpicked president who is giving away trillions of US$ in lithium, gold, free state lands...

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