...Theocratic crusade war distracting us from Carbon Pandemic...

Cartoons are causing theocratic crusade
war against Islam, distracting us from Carbon pandemic& lab caused SarsCoVid2 Pandemic& Covid Vaccine
Pandemic&imminent global Famine!

Am an a thankful jewish survivor of death, sars Covid 2...my solidarity with all crime victims& their families. Unjust deads caused by individuals is wrong& we all condemn it, but our reaction shouldn't it be proportional to the offense/ hurt/loss of life?
All massive genocides are racial& religion is used to pseudo justify massive genocides, specially those labelled "Terrorist attacks/terrorists killlings" by Aryan racist manipulators who are in positions of State authority, who define 3 individual stab killings with a conspiracy terrorist killing by a bilion muslims who were not part of the 3 individual  kitchen knife killers! 
But  without a trial& without a guilty finding, now politicians wanting to reap political reelection begun their cristian theocratic crusade against a billion muslims, implicitly calling them " Terrorists" on the account of 3 white european victims.
Muslim countries like Turkey imply they will answer the charlie Hebdo cartoons, a religious afront.
Here they are going back to the gates of racist& religious Never ending crusade wars of medieval dark ages,but in year 2020.
In USA whites kill multiple blacks and their victims prayed for the killers& forgave them.
Blacks have been victimized for 400byears by whites and white europeans and White Aryans don't call it genocide nor call their own white killers " terrorists" which is a death sentence without trial of the suspect or killer.
White police glovally kill millions annually and western christians don't call white police kilers of peiole of color, "terrorists"
Indigenous have been genocided and stull white people are killling them to steal their forests and whites christians don't call them terrorists
Whybisvit dominant whites pass laws to kill Non White people to be inmune and impunes for their unjust killing
Its bec whites pass laws tobperpetuate theirvpower over Non whites. Example, White police sre not imprisoned for killing people of color, bc white society granted them per po etual qualified inmunity. If police killers are miracolously fired or resign, the govto another city and keep killing people of color& remain free but never called "terrorists"
For oil wars europe has invaded oul nations, following white Aryannamerica's policies but their troops kill millions of children and womenband are not called terrorists, evenbthough their terrorism warfare causes millions of dead innocent victims suchbas arab children, muslim children
Show me please, Macro is justified to implicitly to condemn bullion muslims, for terrorism committed by 3 people they don't even know. And Angela who also makes billions as a merchant of death/:weapons merchant of death and commander in chief of her killer troops in muslim countries 
. And all european& USA's politicians jump on the wagon of a religious crusade war against rag tag famined muslins who didn't kill 3 people in a frechbl temple or attacked peiple at Charlie Hebdo's building.
So while we are facing extinction and climate catastrophe by carbon Pandemic, forests fires white man's BlackRockbfiancing the killing billions of animals to impose their transgenic and ted meat pandemic, while we suffer lockdown against SarsCovid2 pandemic, and are at the gates of massive unemployment pandemic and global sarscovid2 pandemic, all these cristiannwhite european& USA disteact us with cartoons and 3 kitchen knife victims and like a lynch mob as the 3000 twin tower white victims, being a engaged with a total war against Islam and viceversa, these BlackRock's politicians keep media blindingbus and pushing our buttons for us to go as a lynch mob with a zillion times disproportuobate punishment of islam under the excuse of laicite/secularism and ease up our conciences for destroying Islamists, bc the book of aryan hate and genocide book/bible tells us, " god slew genocided the jebuzites, the Hamories, the philistines, etc...and Jacob's sons killed the sons of the Hammonite, who took their sister for wife..." and so western Theocrats headed by Macro and Merkel,  european white politicians go on with their religious never ending crusades, while  BlackRock keeps  oil profitting and soy and red meat proffiting while pushing humanity towards the brink of extinction.
"Praise the Lord pass the ammo" keep killing milions tomorrow, through raytheon, lockheed Martin, Boeing, Dassaul, Airbus, Bank of France, Deutsche bank, JP Morgan chase, Bank America... 
Have we lost our brains and Black Rock and its colluding govs keep shouting, " Laicite, holly charlie Hebdo, holly white race...muslim terrorists..."
Where are we westerner whites, christians and islam going to end if we don't think by ourselves and treat 3 unjust crimes in a court of law and not in politicians offices and yellow editorial journalism..

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