To International Elections ob servers in Bolivia: Stay& count manually 100% vote ballots!

International Election observers, stay till you manually count 100% ballot votes in Bolivia!

Don't go until octuber 31th bc if you don't physically count 100% of votes, besides Direpre, there is embedded hardware& Diebold software at TSE computing counting system that transfers fragments of each vote to Mesa&now that Salvador Romero is manipulated you to gain your trust by having no Direpre& if you go home
TSE-OEA will recount only 5%&announce Mesa tied w/Arce in1st election
Stay observers until you finish manually recounting 100% of votes,bc embeded electronic counting hardware&software will give them the opportunity to steal elections 4Mesa! Stay till oct 31st 2020 &manually recount100%
3/3 military BallotBoxCustodians colluding w/ TSE-OAS will match the same score of physical votes as the electronic count&will succeed in producing a perfect count on both systems &will stealth victory 4Mesa!
100& of manual count &recount will give us a TRUE WINNER in lieu of a FAKE Winner!

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