Too little too late, MAS won't be able to revert the broken constitutional order!

Too little too late, MAS won't be able to revert the broken constitutional order!

For no one is a secret that the USA is a country who is known of broken treateases, aryan racism, Hamiltonian-carbon- capitalist, where only the elite rules and is the country who alleges being the champion of Democracy& human rights and champion defender of "Under God" but in practice is all the opposite.
It gutted out the UN and mostly controls the UN throughthe Security council, & has created the OAS, which is an instrument domination and invasion of any member who doesn't obey the USA's political& economic policies.
And has made a habit of overthrowing democratic regimes& invade and installing new servile poppet governments.
Case in point the USA overthrew E Morales and ibstalled a civic mikitary gov of Anez, run by Arturo Murillo, who is violated the Constitution of Bolivia countless times and recetly is travelled to the USA and is colluding with OAS& the Department of State, etc & his Boliian gov is playing the perennial victim & accusing MAS' touth ofseeking weapons and purchasing them to overthrow Anez under the excuse of election fraud.
Murillo's victimhood and denunciation of Coup is an officialbscriptbgiven to him by think tanks and political consultants who especialize in overthrowing govts.
The facta & the truth are the opposite:
Anez Mesa are using the TCP&TSE& coluding with the above actors of State power to execute a politica electoral Mesa Victory with OAS help& Arturo traveled to the unipolar power to fibal iui ze the ekectronic fraud to make Mesa the president with a pseudo democratic mask& theighty unipolar power has the means to do it through sold out henchmen like Murillo & thev misuse of National security Law, under the excuse of saving the Bolivian democracy.
The sad fact remaibsvits all about sacking trillions of dollars in lithium gold, etc, which the unipolar needs with a soldout privatizer Mesa poppet.
Tragically MAS strategists improvise solutions whoch back fire against MAS& Bolivia:
MAS suffered a Coup &;in Nov 10th Morales didn't have any solutions but capitulated instead of fighting or at least negotiate a settlement of anninterim government, they simply improvised and got extorsion to resign the presidencial succession.
Now Mesa&Anez got the TCP to reject MAS petition!
The consequence for said denyak by TCP is Arce becoming Knocked out by TCP& TSE akong with MAS candidates before or after the electronic election-fraud of Octuber 18th
With protests& civil Disobedience get them to sign MAS won't be disqualified for said election which we've already written extensively!
MAS says "we will deal with it when that happens".
Sorry but that is a defeatist strategy and once MAS&Arce are inhabilitated, these unipolar power & the poppet Anez Gov will do the rest and that's why Murillo is settling it with his contractor the timing of it, bc, he is already said his deceiful strategy:
MAS is attempting an armed coup bc they will be unhappy to lose to Mesa!
Any fair election Arce defeats Mesa but this is not a fair election but a rigged election!

Dr Felipe Campos an experienced former brinksman and campaigner evalued Murillo's game and Mesa swearing and seeing the reality of weapons monopoly by the unipolar power and by AnezMesa's military and police
Murillo is non-sensical and lies, also MAS has no weapons nor will have weapons and is not making any coup and because like Morales, Arce is under the hyped and foolish belief he will win, but like Morales, Arce will loose, bc the unipolar power and TCP& TSE and the vote counting is rigged and still in this unfair election process and with all ods and means against MAS, the pseudo fair election will cause MAS to lose and fall in the monkey election trap, a rigged election and once it happens, MAS last Nov 12th 2019, MAS won't be able to deal with it succesfully! Don't be fools go with civil disobedience and get the opposition&TSE to sign a No-desqualification agreement of MAS& Arce& No OAS election observers"
Adding to Dr Felipe Campos I ask @BancadaMAS, to indict Murillo& Anez for violating the CPE by letting Murillo act as Chancellor, TSE& HighTreason against Bolivia by asking policies for Bolivia, to the imperial foreign power!
People go now to the streets with peaceful disobedience till they sign a no-inhabilitation agreement with MAS!

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