We're experiencing irreversible Climate catastrophes!

We're experiencing irreversible Climate catastrophes!

Fellow Climate defenders, attending Paris Agreement, climate conferences,twitting, protesting before the bundestag&on the streets&writing Govs, cam0aogning for Biden who publicly reneguedvto defed our climate, Biden akong with Teumo colluded not to debate climate catastrohes and then Biden reneged the climate platform and admitted he will not ban fracking nor defund his overfunded police that killa people of color& no gov has abrogated carbon pandemic now but postponebit until too little too late, yet govs have gifted more subsidies to Carbon Corps under excuse of Sars-CoVid2, instead of subsidizing solar Energy & Vegan and the people & Mother Earth!
We're experiencing more than climate emergency: Irreversible climate catastrophes in the Artic, Siberia, gkaciars, oceans,climate catastrophe caused forest fires. And unless you lead Civil Disobedience around Oil refineries to abrogate carbon, we will be carbon gased to extinction as Nazi Gov did to 6 million dissenters & will become extinct as 70% of our Biodiversity is already extincted!

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