Why are we not being taught about corporations' ends?

To my fellow Climate defenders:
Why are we not being taught about corporations' ends? (Part1)

I know many of you are frustrated, confused and deceived and you haven't found the solution in Climate conferences but oil proliferation has increased even in times of Sars-CoVid2 economic recession and # Climate CatastropheForestFires/CCFF and 20X Carbon Pandemic hangs over our heads while countlessly subsidized BlackRock oil Corporations quadrupled their profits while we are being prematurely deprived of our lives by more than 70 million carbon pandemic victims annually!
The cause of it, is # BlackRock # OilAndCarbon Corporations/for short BlackRock, who are beyond the NationState and any Government& United Nations/UN control or UN Charter. And BlackRock has deceived your grandoarents& parents inder the excuse that only Oil& carbon capitalist economic model creates the jobs they need and that what is god for BlackRock is good for them and therefore only through these countless climste conferences have solution through NonBinding & Non enforceable Paris Agreement, which has been converted into a Defacto Oil&Carbon stock exchange market and that 2050 humanity will obtain carbon zero, but BlackRock & their global controlled academ8a& media speaks nothing to abrogate oil. Mattervof fact even during Sars-CoVid2 Pandemic and economic global recession we are experiencing, oil has continued to increase while BlackRock fasely pretends to be agreeing to transition towards carbon eliminstion by 2050 with mitigation, resilience, adaptation to what they succesfully sold humanity, " climate change" which in reality is "Climate Catastrophe causes human, biodiversity and life extinction"
But what kind of animal is BlackRock and what has been its corporate creation, transformation& his magic powers to evade the authority of the USA, UN, EU...but control countries, media, govs, academia, the military industrial complex, the catholic and evangelical churches, etc?
Firstly you have to realize most humanity's ills, war making, genocides and hoarding vice habits BlackRock has has caused is patriarchy, religion& racism as means to brainwash people.
Academia is no more academia but a subjugated serf, who our grandparents and parents were deceived by.
Yo go to one of the most prestigious universities and you find it bears the name of an unscrupulous hoarderer Standford, who your parents made you revered it and is about to become your alma matter.
But you fly across and see Universityof California at Berkely and each building carries a corporate CEO's name like Bechtel and you fly by a Cesna citation airship and hoovering over Yale and then Harvard, find corporate names on their buildings. The universities have been sild out to BlackRock oil, carbon corporations and so on and the academic education and academic values that is drilled and engrained in your brain and before they hand you your BA, MS or PhD or Post Doctoral degrees as I've experienced, over 99% is oil& carbon corporate conformism, submission and garbagge which has not produced much but is destroyed your grandparents and parents lives and as a result of it, a great percent of grandparents& parents only care what kind of high social class is your fiance coming and if you don't conform, they threaten to desinherit you. But they don't care the irreversible oil& carbon deteriorating future they leave to you and their grandchildren
Coming from Jewish and AmazinAndean ancestry after my academic formation i had two clashing cosmovisions in me and after a long struggle, came to realize the harm i was doing to other living beings/The Other for short and became disenchanted with hoarding corporatism of my grandparents and parents and embrace life as one of countless peaceful climate defenders
I mever have time to finish writing since my kindergarten days and never proof read. 1But i've got to go now and when I come back i will give you a light survey of the Corporation from the days of Hegel, Marx, Wilson...

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