Will congress bear fruits or empty sophists' words against: monopolies?

Will congress bear fruits or empty sophists' words against: Monopolies?

Did you hear congress has aparently concluded FB, Apple, Amazons, Google... are monopolies and they are asking how to correct these monopolies.
If its official congress, it's too little too late, trying to correct these anticompetition monopolies, bc the damages are countless and there is no money that can correct the consequences of these monopolistic fictitious carbon corporations who control the lives of almost all humanity, nor they can resurrect their victims. Bc these monopolistic corps, invaded their privacy and as in the case of chinesse Tianamen square's victims, whose names they turned to the chinesse gov, in exchange of having access to the chinesse market and caused them horrible tortorous deaths and decades of unjust imprisonment!
Please remember its childish to give them a slap on the wrist and tell them to go on with their elitist carbon business as usual, bc it endangers our health and lives and that of our children and grandchildren.
Begin with applying the RICO ACT, break them as Microsoft windows 2& as AT&T and limit to a maximun of one million accounts for each of these named fake corporate citizens created by colluding courts.
The only citizen that the constitution recognizes is the US tax payer citizen and doesn't name the corporate citizen, bc the corporate monster was created by the courts and not by the people, congress or the constitution.
When congress show us concrete remedies will know whether they have us sophist empty words or good fruits, bc congress needs to put their money where their mouth is and that fruits and good deeds talk louder than double talk!

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