All you lemmings jump off the cliff of common sense...the virus will be waiting for you!

All you lemmings jump off the cliff of common sense to get your unsafe& inneficient sars-coVid2 Vaccine, the virus will be waiting for you, down below!

Trump, Biden, Bolsonaro& many politicians have a  political&economic interest at stake in rushing sars-Cov2 vaccines under emergency law.
In fact the governor of Sao Paulo wants Sinovac's Coronavac vaccine to be compulsory to all Brazilians right away, bc he wants to be the undisputed favorite 2022 presidential candidate, but at the possible cost of countless brazilian lives.
Other politicians&mega pharmaceutical corporations who were paid in advance for a vaccine, whether it works or not.
Political- economic rushed vaccines are a reality with 3 russians vaccines at phase 3 clinical trial, Aztrazeneca, Sinovac, Johnson- Johnson, etc.
They all stand to patent the richests billonaire vaccines for a herd of 8 billion dispensable  animals, bc greed and political careers of ambitious politiciansvhave no barriers for all they need is soothibg tongues as soothsayers who can con people and being the sky the limit, animals line up to get your vaccines under the fake promise that these 90% alleged eficacy vaccines will make you untouchable supermen and you can go on living and working a normal life.
But is it true or are these vaccines given by BlackRock's media free mileage?
Assuming you believe them, you get your type A saraCov2 vaccine and a few m9nths after you get ill with mutating Covid B type and get ill. Others vaccinated with same vaccine type A, get ill with a Sars-Cov2 C and die.
Your children and without line up at the court for weingful death and after years od litigation the pharmaceutical vaccibe corp throws beggar change at you, and there is notthing that can resurrect your wife.
So why do you want to believe grredy corporations& greedy politicians for getting vaccinated with an iffy vaccine that will not only distroy your immune system but kill you.
As for very informed people like me. You can shove your vaccine into your....bc you are not injecting your greedy corporations& greedy politician's emergency law unsafe and ineficient vaccine to my body, my children and grandchildren nor to my extended family bc i am not an animal you can herd by emergency law or by compulsory vaccination. Over my dead body!
I am not an animal your vet technicians AKA physicians/nurses can inject, destroy permanently my inmune system and make mentally retarded or kill me with their unsafe vaccine, to get richer!
If you are an obedient lemming and want to be part of a herd & are in a rush to be killed by these soothsayer pharmaceuticals, go get your Sinevac's vaccine or the Russian vaccines and make them rich.
But if you love your children and your own life, be wise and unless they show you a ten year data trial with a 100% safe and efficient trial clinical results of a billion patients prior to be licensed/patentes, then you will know what to do!


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