Are u in a hurry to get killed? Biontech-Pfizer has a shot for you!

Are u in a hurry to get killed? Biontech-Pfizer has a shot for you!
BlackRock global management who controls govs& corporations throughout the world, is  ordered the aplication of emergency law to license a SarsCovid2 vaccine by BionTech-Pfizer pharmaceuticals, to increase fossil fuel& carbon economic output. BlackRock calculates coldly, people will desperatelly flock to get vaccinated without asking questions if said vaccinevis has been tested in 10% of the human population and if its safe and efficient.
To all those fools who blindly believe fake news that Biontech- Pfizer vaccine is ok and before you rush like a headless animal to get vaccinated know this little:
Biontech-Pfizer is hidding data of how unsafe is and couldn't pass the regular testing standards in 5 years but Trump& others pulled strings and got it licensed under the emergency law.
More than 10% of pacients who will be vaccinated will die bc the vaccine doesn't work on them, and that is equivalent to a billion people dying bc said vaccine doesn't work.
The rest of vaccinated people according to the allegation of Biontech-Pfizer, may live.

The questions arising in the scientific community are: with what conscience can you license a vaccine that will cost more than ten percent of Humanity's population?
SarsCovid2 keeps mutating and even the 90% may not be saved die to sars Covid2 mutation.
When you know almost nothing about SarsCovid2 and its mutating ones, by vaccinating people, you are destroying this human inmune system that for millions of years has worked just fine in preserving our health, so why do you permanently want to extinct it with a Biontech-Pfizer unsafe and inefficient vaccine that kills more than 10% vaccinated people!
SarsCovid2 has cost the death of 1 million people, annually. Carbon pandemic cost 70 million people lives/ year, and it would need a milennium for sars covid2 vaccine to kill 1 billion humans, butif humanity is vaccinated, in a single year it costs a billion deaths, bc the vaccine admitedly by Biontech- Pfizer thatbt doesn't work in more than 10% of vaccinated people and it permanently destroys humanity's natural inmune defense with which we are born!
The rest of vaccine recipients who will survive will be having childrenbborn without our natural inmune system and once destroyed our natural inmune system you can't vaccinate yourself norvyour child can't, bc there is no wayto get it back and you with koa tampered inmune system and your offspring are marked for extinction!
The inventors of this vaccibe are having you play russian roulette:
Thegun holds 10 chambers of which one chamber holds a bullet, you pull the trigger and if you are one of the ten percent where the vaccine doesn't work, you get the triggered bullet into your brain and you are dead!

Educated people like us retired academicians, see is stupid to play russian roulette withbthis vaccine makers, and even if the gov at home orders usvto get vaccinated or go to prison, I will refuse for me and my children and my grandchildren bc police state gov has no place in my life, home and my family.
As for you, ask yourself:
I an better off preserving my inmune system or playing roussian roulette with Biontech-Pfizer vaccine whichbwasvcheatenlybapproved by politicians emergency law.
In other words this Biontech-Pfizer baccine is a polutical vaccine rush for economic incentives rather than safety and efficiency & care for human healthband human life and that of our children& grandchildren& future generations.
What's the hurry if not BlackRock's economic growth?
WWI Kansas/Spanish flu patients, defeated the epidemic without a vaccine and our existence proves it. So why don't we follow WWI generation's wisdom?

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