Beware for who you voted for!

Beware for who you voted for!
We respect each member and work along with you to bring peace and offer you a prosperous& secure world. Those are BlackRock's PR scripts spread to the four corners of the globe by Democrat& Republican candidates to different countries and within the USA.
But they are fake peace, fake prosperity and fake security offered to you, with social psychology chosen words for you to fall for them and sofn as regional members deliver not only their trust but you are giving up your own countries' resources, independence and become handtied to their imperial unilateralism and you gave up multilateral offers and solutions to your own countries or regional needs!
And worst, you signed your country to duties and compelling non-opt out obligations.
And when it comes to the treatises obligations on the unilateral empire, they simply  breach them and laugh at you and forgo their treatises obligations!
You ask me for evidence. Here some:
Aryan USA has signed countless treatises with indigenous North American tribes and most of them, they breach them and if the indigenous tribes complained, they are internally deported and repopulated those indian lands with white settlers, who got it for free. And most indigenous victims of the trail of tears died of cold, hunger, thirst and exhaustion or were executed! And the Federal courts remained silent accomplices...!
Non English speakers were duped to sign as members of the Organization of American States/OAS and what they got for respect, prosperity, peace& security was: Coup D'etats in the name of democracy and against so called comunism,
Invasions, occupations,  assasistation of their leaders and presidents, plunder of their natural resources for a beggars change, poverty, economic& political dependence, etc, while the unilateral empire keeps exported god, control& his non existent kingdom for being lame to those green grass preacher singers, and their CIA, NED, USAID controlled foreign and domestic NGOs babble day and night of Human rights, and transition to carbon zero by 2050, but the puppet presidents they impose, violate those very human rights. Worst their complaints at the OAS's CIDH are fake investigations and mostly exempt the imperial puppet presidents' gross human rights violations& crimes against humanity. And the imperial unilateral power who acts by proxy and by economic  extortion of loans! Either you comply with the invasions or you will be punished economically and even embargoed economically or expelled as has been the case of cuba, the mighty power painting the meaningless island as an immense socialist or comunist threat to the entire OAS&USA, and as laughable as it is, the demonization has been the reality: The carrot or the stick policy that dominates the OAS!
Then you have the Nam  peace treaty bc, the US lost the war and signed an armistice with a billonaire compensation to Nam and a war criminal, H Kissinger was a Nobel price recipient but he never intended to honor said peace treatise and to this day, the unilateral power keeps breaching the compensation part of the peace treatise. And due to political change in southEast asia, the unilateral powered conned the vietnamesse into becoming a member of the Pax Romana/[ ASEAN against China.
As you can see from these factual evidence and from OilBiden's war making and imperial policies, Venezuela and Nicaragua will be invaded and occupied by multinacional forces one of these days bc according to the empire's imposed Monroe Doctrine, the Unipolar power will act to protect its fossil fuel vital interests.
But how come the mighty power doesn't respect any laws and continues to violate them and the EU is an active regional accomplice, as are the OAS controlled members?
The EU for all talk of decolonizing, has never stop colonizing economically&is a willing accomplice of the USA in occupied middle eastern oil countries. And in the second case, the empire has claimed property of LatinAmerica without having a deed and is admitted it in the Monroe Doctrine by its chief architect James Monroe and currently oilBiden has played his role as KingMonroeBiden.
Trump was an imperial tramp, but Trump is nothing compare to the hidden malice and aryanism of oil Biden and even citizens lives are at at peri by ovefunded killer police, in USA and the evidence leads us conclude: Voter beware of your own life, for you don't know you have voted for a secretive KingMonroeBiden, who doesn't answer questio s " Look st my record, child..." but he hits you and takes your picture for his secret dossier, and now that he will taking office soon, god save you if he can!

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