BlackRock is gasing us to extinction!

BlackRock is gasing us to extinction!

BlackRock dumps trillions of metric tons of CO2, methane, nitrous oxide& mercury etc & has converted our planet intoAClosedIncinerator & as  hotMolecules move faster& they become hotter& overtime food chain,water,soil& biodiversity,permafrost, glaciars&oceans colapse&we're being gased to extincion bc those trillions of deadly greenhouse gases are flooding our frail lungs, getting into our blood circulations and sooner than later, cause us cancers, critical health conditions and compounded with sars covid2, we are being placed at the brink of extinction, bc of these deathly gases, our planet is being made hotter, bc its's a closed system and hot deadly gases have no where to escape: what goes up comes down on us!
We are being made extinct  or we stop these deadly greenhouse gases by peaceful civil disobedience or we are going to be extincted by fossil fuel& fracking and nuclear mutually assured destruction and will be found dead in cars, houses, etc!
Stop deadly green house effect on us and stop nuclear proliferation, so we can survive and go on living peacefully and without violence keep paying out taxes to make USA the best!

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