Crying happy while singing our National Hymn is being true to oneself!

Crying happy while singing
Our National anthem
Is being true to oneself!

It happen to us along MallkuFelipe Campos& president Arce& countless people who owent through so much!
President Arce shed tears while singing our hymn on the day of his presidential inauguration.
He led the uphill battle to regain our Bolivia's presidency and with all our help, he is taking us
back o the wheel of Bolivia's fate for the next 5years.
Late in the day and distant over 5000 miles from Lucho, the video I received from MallkuFelipeCampos still living in exile in the USA, caught my attention shedding tears as many of us did lin Bolivia& through the world, when we sang our hymn..." rather die than live as slaves...morir antes q esclavos vivir"
His memories had taken him back to loosing his mentor Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz...surviving torture...being exiled by military and not being able to say good bye to his dying mother nor being allowed to attend her burial nor see her remains...lastly Anez kept him exiled for denouncing the genocides& her refusal to quarentine Bolivia in Dec2 2019.
But he was involved in Mesa's defeat and seeing Lucho being sworn to office kept his eyes misted with tears.
He and Lucho never met, yet both along countless indigenous brothers& sisters led the uphill battle and won and when the hymn reached, "rather die than live as slave, morir antes q esclavos vivir" wet the sides of his face.
How is it... strangers to each other, these 2 hardened leaders shed tears during our hymn?
He said, crying happy while singing our national hymn is being true to oneself, that we express the inner most of our feelings, in the tears that spring from our eyes, telling us we rescuedbour ajayu& made it to the end of the race line, we're alive and will labor further for a better future for Bolivia and above all for the Great Country/ PatriaGrande, following the legacy and the goal of our opressed incarian ancestors who shed their lives, as Julian Apasa, Marcelo, Sebastian Moro, Orlando Gutierrez and that we are the millions who returned for them& countless did. We have the chance to reach there. We are not  deification makers of living people, we are doing our best to reach there, to abrogate Half a millionSquare Kms of LatifundioUstacheJudio, but will make in Bolivia lithium batteries...and above all the Patria Grande!
And so it was our first day with @LuchoXBolivia, being our president and may we be rewarded or harshly be judged if we fail!
Jallalla Bolivia
Jallalla brothers& sisters, for a new era is born and may we prevail over the machinations& snarls of the malicious predator empire and their domestic henchmen who sabotage us in congress, etc!

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