Germans head to the slaughter house: For 2 SarsCoVid2 shots!

Germans head to the slaughter house: For 2 SarsCov2 shots!

Tragicly obedient germans who didn't fight Nazi rise to power nor fought against their genocider Fuhrer's deadly massive missdeeds, now confronting SarsCovid2, wishfully think twice becoming vaccinated, will lead them back to fleeting normalcy!
BlackRock's global media is about to score a hit by creating a hyped up herd mentality for germans to rush to the slaughter house to get two vaccines in a row.
16 billion dosis are being ordered for the globe's most gigantic sars- coVid2  vaccination and Biontech-pfizer, Sinovac&Merk-Bayer stand to hot the jackpot by advance payment, without yet knowing if it will work, they are becoming billions richer!
Sad to see meek germans, hyped up for normalcy, excited running to countless centers and mobile slaughter houses to get twice vaccinated!
Achtung germans, wake up and don"/ hump off the cliff of common sense, bc the mutating sars covid2 virus are waiting down below.

We don't know much as scientists and its sad to see germans stampeding towards the slaughter houses.
We don't know how fast and goq incident and prevalent are the mutaring viruses going to mutate their genetic make up, but once it mutates your two vaccines will become useless, extinct your unique inmune system and massively killing you and your offspring or leaving you permanently disabled inna vegetative state or miraculously saved by the hyped up magic of these and other pharmaceurical corporations.
The other serious problem is to  keep minust 70Celsius degrees not to inhabilitate the vaccines 
The german health minister knows this and wisely is evaded the responsability of transporing and keeping the vaccines at minus 70 degrees celsius.
This temperature demand for vaccines is a cold & calculated legal liability disclaimer before having to comfront countless massive lawsuits for wrongful deads, as currently Bayer confronts suits for its product RoundUP, which causes cancers that kill you and Bayer has been loosing them in the USA. These pharmaceuticals vaccines that may kill you, your surviving orphans win't be able to suit The makers of these vaccines, bc they will shield behind the legal alibi, "the vaccine wasn't transported at minus 70 degrees Celsius, therefore its not our fault the vaccine didn't work and patients died"

Please think and think hard bc, many vaccines who promuse magic cures end up leaving countless persons incapacited permanently.

But if you are in a hurry to be slaughter like a cow, there is nothing i cam say to save your life or that of your children, bc you will do what you are being hyped for.
If  i were you, i would demand all the pharmaceutical share holsers and staff vaccinated themselves ahead of you, so you are not used as guibea pigs along with your children. But if like a heard you rush to the slaughter house along with your children, it will make me sad but to survive i will have to appease myself i forewarned you tiressly and stop feeling bad i failed to save your health and life and that of your innocent children and/or children and get used to the idea of seeing less germans and I will have lost some of my german Jewish genes.

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