...impunity sought against Bolivian military accused 4 committing genocides Sacaba& Senkata!

Bolivian Armed forces Commander demands impunity for Armed forces who stand accused of Genocide!

Same as the Austrian& German Jew nazi defendants before the Nuremberg trial for the inhuman Shoah of 6 million civilian innocents, Bolivian Military armed forces Chief, ragingly demands his military commanders, including detained army Gral HenriquezCuellar, not to be penally trialed for "Obeying their commanders' Genocides orders in Sacaba& Senkata, Bolivia, bc they preserved the territorial integrity and spared others from being hurt and we can't be punished for complying with PresidentAnez comands and fullfilling with her SupremeDecree law 4078, to open fire against civilians who were endangering others with their protest"
The problems with these nazi Bolivian soldiers and commanders, are:
1] DS4078 to grant them blind inmunity and impunity for opening fire on unarmed peaceful civilians exercising their constitutional grievance rights against the Anez Dictator and Military and police's Coup D'etat, was unconstitutional
2] Dictator Anez and the military and police violated not only the constitucion but committed under color of law, crimes against Humanity.
3] Lied: Civilians were shooting among civilians but they had no weapons
4] The Military changed their story and said they were defending themselves from civilians shooting at them. But reality and evidences shows no military and police were ever injured and the military and police had the monopoly of arms since Bolivia's foundation as a country!

We will see if the detention of a token Gral out of 2000 soldiers will ever proceed to a single trial and conviction. Bc elected Presid Arce has  indicated, "My gov is not a gov of hate but unity" which implies under the excuse of "Unity" as Evo Morales, both are exempting the military and police from accountability for genocide and/or mass killings of indigenous climate defenders.And Arce implies he is not going to touch the genociders.
And Arce and Morales have taken the people for granted but should both have a 15th year of impunity for the military and police executions on the back of the head of unarmed knelt detained civilians, the people may react to it angrily and Arce's rejection to having an indigenous Cabinet, but he0 rewarded transgenic by Jewish Latifundio forests arsonists & land thieves and it may cause an initial abandonment of the JewishLatifundioArceGov in implicit collusion with the military, police and Latifundio transgenic soy& red meat political forces whoch stand agaibst the unarmed indigenous majority of the 12 million people of Bolivia!
Time will tell us the truth!

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