Inctact oil Capitalist structures under Govs Morales-Arce, perpetuate, destruction, defeat...

Intact oil Capitalist structures under govs Morales-Arce perpetuate, destruccion,defeat& economic slavery in Bolivia...
By Mama T'alla Domitila Mamani M

Applying gray eminence Dr Felipe Campos's oral seminars on Social revolutions, I write the following experience that is present not only in Bolivia, IndoAmerica but in most of today's world.

In 2006 reached the presidency Evo Morales- Garcia Linera, for alnost 14 years both preached the Bolivian revolution was being born, implemented and practiced daily in Bolivia.
We observed their policies and economic model, prodded and made hypothesis if he was a caudillo or a leader and if his was a cultural change rather than a socio- economic revolution& after 14 years, based on the facts, we write this proven theories.
Elite Tambo school's graduate Morales enacted his living personal  living-deification as a cultural revolution, with his own monuments, museums, stadiums, synthetic plastic soccer game courts, schools, etc.
He achieved  through Arce Catacora's capitalist model, an average 5% GDP growth for much of his governing years, estabilized the Boliviano Nal currency, low inflation,etc
To achieve estability, croat-Bolivian Morales-Garcia embedded themselves with Latifundio, the military, police and recruited as ministers of their cabinet, from right wing parties & except token indigenous his cabinet was white, ti our dismay, he was unwilling to listen and mostly excluded indigenous would be leaders.
Sadly he mishandled over 400 billion dollars which could have industrialized Bolivia and both missed most of the 14 years oil& minerals bonanza era.
No doubt he refunded and produced a plurinacional state and improved the sol bonus into a Juancito Pinto Bonus,etc
For all his 14 years he didn't listen and failed to initiate and materialize abrogation of the capitalist economic, political& social structures and left half way the cultural structure.
Among his social change policy effort to change, Morales-Garcia short changed the people by abolishing the universal health care and medical malpractice ALP aproved law!
Dr Felipe Campos, efforts to abrogate the Colonial& Neocolinialist institutions of the military and police, failed. Both Morales-Garcia continued embedded with them & were satisfied& blindly trusted Kaliman& Calderon's institutionalization and lip service, leaving both  institutions intacts as civil Contractors T Quiroga, Carlos Mesa& Doria Medina& LF Camacho & Alias Erick Foronda Castillo had expected it. 
Having substituted the socialbrevolution with a  half way cultural revolution, Morales- Garcia went fir perpetuation in power, with OAS secretary Gral Almagro and alegated the treatybof San Jose gave them the right to be candidates forever and Almagro visting Bolivia, agreed with them.
Dr Felipe Campos tried for them to built a new ministry of Catalists& links, where all new potential new village, municipal& departmental leaders conected the executive Government with every level of Bolivia's social segments, to strength the Gov, but was ignored and the divide between Morales- Garcia inner circle of power and the social movements of bolivia, except the cocalero federation, grew larger and larger, to Foronda's pleasure, who is a career imperial coupMaker involved for multiole decades. It was him who in boliviabgave the thumps up or thumbs down, for a Bolivian gov to fall off power or ascend to power.
In 2008 drFelupe Campos assisted Morales confront Latifundio Separatists, but Morales embedded Latifundio to power and thought he cemented the new loyalty for his benefit and enacted gross errors by abusivr laws like 3973, 1008, and through INRA, let Latifundists burn the bolivia amazon,& subAndean forests and refused to extinguish them for Latifundio has sold out their votes in exchange for Morales to be perpetually reelected and Morales with Albatros Garcia Linera around his neck  refused to extinguish the forest fires, bc they believe they were de veloping the greatest transgenic soy, sugar. Corn, potatoes, beets for Red meat and agrotoxic fuels that would make them Bolivi comercial power, coupled with Acy Systems controlled YLB lithium mixed corporation.
Evo rejected Dr Felipe Campos alert he was carving his own downfall, misled by megalomaniac economic dreams with the wrong bed fellow latifundists & military- police bed fellows.
Suudenly confronted with police in Cochsbamba breaking the command order and challenging the gov, instead of listening dr Felipe Campo's advise to send the social movements to seize weapons to defend themselves into what he interpreted a coup D'etat, Morales refused. Days after the crisis grew and Dr Campos asked to change all the command bybdecree and send loyalists to sybdue the seditious in Cochabamba, santa Cruz etc, Moralea refused.
Suddenly came the cold report from OAS' Almagro accusing election fraud.
Coming from their allied Almagro, both were shocked and paralized and on nov10th flew to The tropic and hid there for 2 days, leaving gov in disarray& confusion.
Useless the efforts for Morales to assert authority nor to install by decree a succesor in Salvatierra, Borda or the first VP senator.
Zabala had failed and he hastily send his last memo forbidden Kaliman in implementing/mo ilizing a military intervention against the seditious and all ministers sought asylum along with Zabala
In the column, "Catalists&linksmen do not exist in failed gov of Morales-Garcia" was previously addressed black Nov 2019 Coup!
But point here, Morales-Garcia's utter failure& cowardice of theirs and of their white inner circle of power caused the worst defeat a gov could suffer and it was due to  their gov failure to create the mininstrybof catalists- linksmen between executive Gov& the social movements of all the segments and villages in Bolivia.
Foronda-Quiroga- Mesa, DMedina- Camacho...along with NED& USAID, NGOD and Bolivian media executed a suave Coup D'etat where they imposed their puppet J Anez Gov andvordered the Bolivian media to hid all references to the Coup that swift, fast and blitzkrieg like put Morales-Garcia out of power.
We all worked for a year of resistance to dictator Anez and defeated her at the ballot boxes, under their rules and under their external and internal voting machine and voted Arce- Choquehuanca as the lesser of all evils.
This Arce- Chiquehuanca, as Morales-Garcia are repeating their own grave and deadly mistakes.
They don't care to bring justice on behalf ofvthe persecuted, imprisoned, exiled brothers nor they care to give justice to the victimsbof multiple genocides by DS 4078, are embedded in power with Latifundio Transgenic cattle men, forest burning, institutionalizing  the same genocider military and police forces, who despite a broken economy are overcompensated with 100% retirement pensions, to keep killing us.
Foronda& his serfs are waiting on the sidelines, for Arce-Choquehuanca to continue embedded with them and wait for the gov to wear down andbbidding their time to act with a swift, speedy and deadly force.
This gov, like Evo's doesn't listen and refuses to cjamge the economic- politic& social structures and the more it burn, the mpre they will export teansgenic food and read meat.
But with adverse cobditions and given the fact Lucho was amagisterbin economics student in the UK to friends of ours, we know, he is an outdated classic economist who excludes the environment and wages from the capitalist Economic model he is using in Bolivia. Bothnare in abyamal disadvantage to Foronda's force, bc Arce's advisors are theorical advisors, poorly educated and albatr oi ces like Garcia Linera, compared to experienced advisors in  the USA, coupled with think tanks and NGOS, Arce is no match.
Evo if he has learned something from his own errors, he should push for the creation of
a ministry of Catalists& linksmen between fov and the nationwide social segments insteadbof perpetuating an isolated inner circle of gov, bc come comfrontations and violent groups like intact Ustaches, the gov may find itself in the hands of the military and police whyms and weak to survive.
People are wise & only facts and benefits that gov produces have any value, bc they know cheap speeches and institutionalization and reistitunalizations of institutions have no value to them.
In conclusion Morales- Garcia, Arce- Choquehuanca are caudillos and not catalists that make it happen for linksmen, bc they are embedded with the same old bed fellows of Evo's bed and living insulated in their own soappy bubble tower.

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