Nov 3d Storm threaten us!

Nov3d Storm threatens us!

Aryan BlackRock genocidal oil& carbon 4 profit has caused this deadly Silence Night preceding the Nov3dStorm.
It requires for all people to please think& count to 10 before you react before others who think different& your candidate may not have won.
Yes, I am talking to you aryan driver to stop your urges to push in the thrust pedal of your vehicle, against others whose candidate won  this Nov3 election.
To groups angry for the election results, don't hit people with your baseball bats!
To protestors who are angry bc they believe with election fraud their candidate's was defrauded and you will force them to do what you think is right!
To policemen angry at protestors making demands, here and now, you want to beat& gas them to submission to you. Hold! Stop and don't crack their heads nor stunt gun them, bc you can kill people and if you kill people, sone will flee, others will fight to defend themselves from you trying to kill them and as people see more dead victims you who is inmune& impune to excessive force use, may inflame massive anger and you will diservice yourself and rimun the risk of beconing one of the casualties of massive violence between you and angry protestors defending their lives.
If you ram your vehicle against protestors, you are irrespobsibly comitting deadly crimes bc ramming a car on helpless people, injures& kills people and bc we the people have not abrogated the sec oi bd amendment, people being rammed by vehicles, may defend their lives with live ammo and that is not good for anyone, including you!
If you are cracking heads with base all bats or sticks, know violence begets more violence and that endangers everyone.
Don't vent your anger bc of your candidate!
Don't use violence!
Don't go armed and looking for a fight, bc you may kill someone or seeing you armed and dangerous others, including the police, they may fire at you and later answer for living you incapacitated or killed but no money can give you back the loss of your health or your life!
 There is congress and there is SCOTUS for you to present your election grievance so don't let your urge impulses control you. 
Think of your family& extended family and think of the dead victims' widows& orphans and the unnecessary pain you may cause by venting your impulses or rage.
As for people like me, it makes no difference and I am not going to use violence nor provoke violence, bc violence solves nothing but destroys, causes pain, life loss and there is no resurrection for your victims
After your violent response you may get numb as most sociopaths or you may start questioning yourself, why did i do that. Or becone fearful of being facially identified by biometric means and be prosecuted for having injured or killed people with your baseball bat, ramming people with your vehicle or killing them with your own weapon.
Why to live a life of anxiett and anguish and/or fear of the consequences of your impulses or rage?
Tomorrow is Nov3 and no matter who wins or will loose, don't be violent& control your own emotions or they will control you and make you unhappy the reminder of your life!
I and countless people want to be alive for a long life and on Nov 4th we're going tobpeacefully protest to stop the 3Fs: Fracking, fossil fuel& BlackRock's fascism, that is pushing for a world State police with perpetual carbon pandemic sugar coated with carbon tax...

Donald Trump claims Supreme Court ruling will 'induce violence in the streets'


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