Nov 4th protests battles at genesis, to stop the 3Fs!

Nov 4th protests battles at genesis, to stop the 3Fs!

OilBiden alleges he is at 264 electoral votes, short of 6 votes to declare himself the winner of 2020 USA presidential elections!
As Dr Felipe Campos long ago forewarned us this 2020 election would be a repeated Al Gore Vs BabyBush polarized election between OilBiden Vs oilTrump.

OilTrump declaring himself winner in the following contested States has filed legal torts to stop election count at Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia...
OilBiden who is a failed carbon tax& Cheaters ParisAgreement pusher has promised to go back to the cheaters club if he wins& has readied legal teams to contest OilTrump's legal maneuvers.
According to Dr Felipe Campos, there are several theories to sustain oil Trump's tort claims and 2 venues to go to.
The USA senate& SCOTUS.
Oil Trump chose SCOTUS& according to Dr FCampos, like Bush, Oil Trump is coming to demand pay back to the justices he appointed to the US Supreme Court/SCOTUS and if his political appointees& conservatives act to win without scruples, he may pull a win.
Its so uncertain what is to come!
But fracking, fossil fuel pandemics& the fascist threats to our freedom, health and life that both BlackRock presidential
candidates represent against USA's citizens, constitution& to humanity, extinction! 

This was Peaceful& orderly genesis of people protesting to survive against #BlackRockCarbonPandemic candidates' policies that threaten to extinct us! But Biden's overfunded police&mostly Aryan federal killers without identifications began to violently attack peaceful Portland protestor leaders whobthey had singled out and brutally torture
Them on the streets by beating them salvage& sadistically.
Whatever happen to our cobstitutional rights and human rights.
We demand for oilBiden and Oil Trump to order them to stop unprovoked attacksvagainst peaceful& unarmed protestors trying to civilly express their constitutiobal grievances.

Tired of #OilContaminatedFoodAndWater& being #CarbonMethaneMercuryNitrousOxide #Gased2Extinction #AbrogateFrackingAndFossilFuel #AbrogateFascistsBidenTrump

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