See you later Alligator!

See you later alligator!

We peaceful Climate defenders of Mother Earth are in mourning for the loss of DiegoFromThePeople, who opposed more carbon markets disguised as pseudo-prosperity markets.
We have just lost Diego Armando Maradona, an icon of the people, specially of the silent masses & the disposssed paupers of the world!
Today he is being buried.
Diego you aren't gone for each one of us is you and we hear you and see you marking goals against injustices.
See you later alligator
And you will answer:
After a while crocodyle, goalllllll!
#CuanCortaEsLaVidaCortaComoLaCanchaQ no pudo contener el balon de tus agiles movidas/#AunQuedanBatallasQenfrentarMujeresQConquistarYAmarlasEnteramente
& #EducarAlBalon #PibesQNacenPaGolear.    Te raptaron subitamente! #AmemosYMuramosxVivirElDulceDelVivir

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