Trace, test, isolate& get rid of...!

Trace, test, isolate& get rid of...!

We're Rabin's peaceful followers of co-existance, we reject all forms of abuse under the National Security Law AKA 1933 Enabling Act, which is a blank check for gov abuse of power against its own peaceful citizens, bc it means global fascist dictatorship! Government's interests are not your interests as a citizen, to give you what you need, nor to protect you & your family!
In fact Gov is the elite in power's interest and while talking to serve the people, the elite in gov is benefitting itself in the name of the people!
BlackRock global management runs the govs and its interest is to trace, surveillance you and for that uses the Gov, to trace, you, test you, isolate and get rid of you if you don't blind and obediently do what gov tells you to do!
BlackRock Global management runs the world gov, through elite's govs.
BlackRock management placed in power JewishAustrian Adolf Hitler and he did these evils BlackRock is about to repeat again, against people who question authority.
Right now BlackRock global management wants to go back to normalcy of economic carbon- oil growth and for that seeks  8 billion humans vaccinated by its politically rushed sarsCoVid2 vaccines!
So blackRock global management ordered govs to: trace, test, isolate and get rid of you the skeptic-Citizen who rationally questions authority and their politically rushed sarsCoVid2 vaccines and their perpetuating Carbon Pandemic policy.
Gov send squads to Jewish homes, to trace singled out targets, test their identities, isolated them in ghettos/ concentration camps, and gasing them with deadly gases, got rid of 6 million innocent citizens of all ages during WWII
What are the current governments doing to you?
Govs want you to acquire smart phone, to surveillance everything menial you do.
Then gov sends a squat, to test you but once they ascertain it is you who they think has SarsCovid2, forcefully they isolate you away from the rest of society and from your classmates& friends, just as Gestapo did to innocents during WWII in Germany and beyond Germany.
They isolate you for 14 days in a camp which they label clinic/ Hospital as they did to My friend Jackie and refused to release her to take her to a safe place and many days kept refusing to release her!
One day, we went early but wouldn't let us in.
Another day we went early but wouldn't let us in to see her. And after we complained to many people, they let us in, but by then they had placed a tube in her trachea. At when Jackie saw us, she took courage and took the tube off her trachea.
Distrusting them, we went early the next day, and to our surprised, they had jacky with a tube in her trachea again!
We asked for it to be removed.
The staff called the doctors, who refused to take out the respirator off her trachea and on the contrary, stopped Jacky and strapped her hands to the bed.
We complained!
Days went by and they refused to take the tube off her trachea, despite Jacky's sign language and pain, the tube produced her,  they refused to take the tube off her and unstrap her hands!
We demanded release her to take her to a safe place. They ask us to come back tomorrow.
Early we went, but were not let inside until close to noon and when we went, they refused to release her and refused to take the tube off her trachea. Asked us for power of attorney.
We asked Jackie but staff got us out before she could answer.
Early nexy day we went in, jacky in all these critical days of refusal to take her away, got weaker and weaker.
The doctor said her antibodies were now low. We asked new blood for her and got it prescribed but staff got us out.
Next day we went early
and seeing her weaker, we asked for more blood pints for her& once we convinced the hematologist, he went to get it and sometine later when he was returning with 2 pints of blood, one of the doctors stopped him and took him to another room. We eavesdropped and listened, the doctor said, to "Save it for another patients. This one has to go"
"But she needs the pints of blood to survive"
"No, saved the other patients"
We went into Jacky's room and she was distraught. We explained we need to take her to a safer hospital and "away from
She agreed and we began to unstrap her! But the doctor came back in, and he yelled and staff came and ordered us not to touch the straps.
They ordered us to leave or we would be arrested for trespass and for endangering her life.
We plead to sing, "the circle is closed" and they agreed and when we were singing "the circle is closed", Jackie' shed tears down the sides of her face and as we sanged louder, she calmed down and was gazing us as in old times, understanding it was our childhood song we were singing in our old age to her.
No soon we finished singing the circle is closed, we were scorted out.
If this is not what our jewish grandparents forewarned us, don't tell us govs and BlackRock global management looks for what is best for us. Bc we have seen gov is evil and so is BlackRock and we experienced when we lost our jewish home gal Jackie, with their policy. "Trace, test, isolate, save blood pints for others" which got rid of our friend Jackie.
We mourned and buried our friend and hope you don't go through the same excruciating pain and loss!
Trace, test, isolate, get rid of" are nazi gov policies being repeated nowadays!
Now BlackRock Global management of govs and govs want all humanity to be vaccinated with their politically rushed vaccines which are unsafe and ineffective and compounded by a sarsCovid2 constantly mutating pandemics, no vaccine can work for all the mutating viruses, so their politically rushed vaccines, will peoduce mass genocide of humanity, bc they've got robots to work and don"t need us, bc we got independent minded brains and we question gov authority but robots, don't! Robots are programmed and do obediently what they are programmed to do.
Why let these evil money oilgreedy BlackRock global management and govs, extinct with unsafe sarsCovid2 vaccines, extinct/distroy our inmune system which for millions of years has been protecting us so well,eh?
Remember their evil policy is coldly designed to segregate us, and their policy to trace, test, isolate& get rid of, is harmful to our health, freedom& lives and only you are your own best interest care taker, otherwise, like our jewish grandparents, we stand to loose our lives. And like Jackie become a victim of their policies of, trace, test, isolate and give the blood pints to others!

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