undeniable facts: 1947 National Security Law, Patriot Act/ freedom Act were enacted by USA, now imposed globally...

TO FB& M Zuckerberg& countless thousands of readers following, "Google.com.FelipeEsPueblo-EnLasCalles.com"

Undenianle facts are:
During the cold war unleashed by Truman, he had congress enact the unnecessary 1947 National security Act/ law, singling out anyone who was perceived sympathizer of communists or a comunist applicant for Fed jobs.
J McCarthy unleased his McCarthism & accused the State Dept being full of domestic enemy communists, which was an agenda by the oil, carbon& banking interests, but McCarthism was quashed by SCOTUS rulings& E Hoover denouncing official looking papers were forgeries.
G bush Jr pushed the 1947 National Security law even though he never punished 19 SaudiArabians nor punished Saudi Arabia for allegedly attacking the twin towers& produced 3K victims and through congress enacted the Patriot Act, which infringes the Constitutional rights of us American citizens. But in their gobbelian hysteria to advance BlackRock's fossil fuel, carbon& banking interests, said unpatriotic Act was enacted by unconstitutionally singling out american citizens whose opinions his apppoitnted National inteligence buddies perceived a danger, without evidence  nor probable cause, but on their say so, was enough to set phone& e-mail surveillance of all american citizens and though they are warantless, unfair and unjust acts of surveillance but Bush had it enacted& enforced at secret FISA court, and he advanced his Agenda of Neverending oil wars based on his questionable patriot Act/law and defacto taking away our constitutional rights such as Habeas corpus relief!
Obama- Biden to be elected promise to abrogate patriot Act, which is an unconstitutional law that hasn't been challenged yet nor ruled legal by SCOTUS. But Obama- Biden simply breached their promise to abrogate the abusive& mostly unconstitutional Patriot Act& lied to voters and misled them into believing he and congress abrogated the patriot act but what all these carbon Pandemic colluders did, was to change the name from Patriot Act to Freedom Act, which is presently still being abusively and unconstitutionally used against usTaxPayer-citizens
The above outlines show  how 1947 Truman& congress and then later McCarthy proceeded to misuse and abuse by means of National security law and Bush's patriot Act, and Obama- Biden FreedomAct/AKApatriotAct.
And globally this 1947 Truman& Congressional USA's National Security Act/Law is being enacted to abuse in most countries of the globe and the Chinesse National Security law is just one of countless countries in the globe, misusing it against Hongkonger indigenous people and american citizens/who are abused by same 1947 National Security Law/Act which takes different names, to continue deceiving humanity and specially americans.
BlackRock manages globally....
The peaceful posting " Working by our growing sheer numbers we stand a chance to prevail, don't fight alone" is factually based by peaceful informed opinion which was posted at FB, but Unconstitutionally breaching our peaceful free speech, FB has let  blocking the free reading of the posting at "Google.com.FelipeEsPueblo-EnLasCalles.com"
FB refuses to fact check politicians propaganda lies, is blocking the free informed reading, from this posting at "Google.com.FelipeEsPueblo-EnLasCalles.com"
We are citizens and opressed by the named, here in the land of the alleged democratic nation which is supposed to be acting under the constitution, but as we have proven it, our country the USA is being ruled to present by a State within a State, with actors of state power BlackRock, its colluding FB... we are being opressed same as HonKongers indigenous people!
Alone we would be defeated but by peaceful free speech and working by our sheer growing numbers, we stand a chance to prevail, don't fight alone"
( see blocking picture which is a defacto unconstitutional suspension by FB, bc its blocking free reading at, "Google.com.FelipeEsPueblo-EnLasCalles.com"
I am a capitalist, solar&vegan & peaceful follower of Rabin who gave his life for peace, for the self and the other, to coexist peacefully and the people is the maximun expression of democracy, of power and the key of everything on HomeEarth, we the people are the creators of constitutions that must work for the people and we are not creatures of the created constitution, bc each generation creates constitutions and that means, the constitution of our great grandparents don't suit us and so each generation creates new constitutions or amends the old constitution, like the 2nd amedment must be abrogated, bc it brings unjust deaths by selling, transporting and missusing guns against innocents and unarmed people/us and it's unacceptable that BlackRock global management and its named colluding partners, sugar coat/fabricate neverEnding oil wars to keep gasing us with greenhouse gases to death, as they did in WWII  against unarmed & peaceful jews!

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