Wed Nov4th we are at Gov Centers to abrogate the 3Fs!

Wed Nov4th we are at Gov centers to abrogate the 3Fs!

Rightly Greta has Now acknowledged and globally denounced  Fossil fuels& fracking  are taking us to the brink of human extinction, biocide,ecocide and it implies people must give in driving guzzler vehicles& stop eating red meat& plant zillion trees globally, in order for us to survive and give children a  good future!
Big Brother BlackRock global gov talks& talks through his controlled Paris Agreement by adding a carbon tax& transitioning from carbon& Fossil fuels& fracking through to a 2050 carbon zero economy, but its too little too late andvitvrekies on cheaters incorregible addiction to cheat but not cheat on pieces of paper but cheat in reality with double carbon credit& sub- sidies for giving up carbon.
Blackrock is going to win in the USA's election, bc both OilBiden& oilTrump are BlackRock candidates to perpetuate oil, carbon and nuclear Mutually Assured destruction by proliferating deadly nuclear plants& space nuclear race, and Biden is running a RepublicanDemocrat/ Dixiecrat campaign that will keep perpetuating fossil fuel, fracking and aryan racist killings by an aryan overfunded & overarmed police& push us towards a State police & Neverending oil wars as he is done for half a century.
And let's not forget social justice is important for our existance bc from Belorussia, to parts of EU, USA, Africa, Latin America...BlackRick is pushing govs towards a policeState/fascism but we want democracy with human rights and constitucional rights& of course free speech
Peacefully but meaning to save our human existance, wear a mask and keeping social distance, on wednesday Nov4th 2020, we are at Gov Centers globally to demand an end to fossil fuel, fracking and fascism!
May Mother Earth bless us!

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