Working by our growing sheer numbers, we stand a chance to prevail, don't fight alone!

Working by our sheer growing numbers, we stand a chance to prevail, don't fight alone!

Global BlackRock Management is attempting to consolidate Police State in most of the globe, via its coluding govs by misuse & abuse of National Security law.

Aryan BlackRock Global management's commonality of fossil, carbon banks money is the fiber of less than 1%Elite membership that at the tip of the MasonZionist pyramide, decided in secrecy what is best for them is best for the globe, which places them above the law, without any transparency, fairness, accountability...
No gov on earth stands a chance to challenge their economic, political, social& cultural policies, so penalty of being obliterated by all means available, from economic warfare including economic embargo, lawwarfare/ lawfare, conventional& unconventional warfare, including nuking you or neutralizing you by drones as Qhadaffi, etc

Look what is presently being done to our Indigenous HongKongers human siblings by means of National Security.
The gov ordered Carrie Lam to arbitrarily accuse anyone as a National security threat to the State& under this United States's created National security law& doctrine , expell from Legislature Council/Legco anyone Lam doesn't like or free speech comunicated with a journalist, etc to be criminalized as a National security threat/danger to the State, expelled and arbitrarily arrested, taken to Beigin for a secretive trial and disappeared into countless growing secret concentration camps of so many nationalities, allegedly to rehabilitate them, but sadly unjust, prisoners are never heard again& die in the concentration camps for no other crime than being an indigenous HongKonger& a peaceful dissenter who peacefully protested or questioned in Hong Kong, Puppet Hong Kong Gov's HR abuses.
4 Legco members of 20 were unjustly expelled/ disqualified, and 16 resigned in protest for the Police State gov unjust disqualification of Yeung, Kowk, Ka-ki& Leung.
This solidarity Legco members are resigning bc they rightly reject to rubber stamp the inhuman& unjust imperial Police State's policies.
Dr FelipeCampos a 40 year exiled indigenous of the America's questions why the EU who punished economically Belorussia's Police State president, Lukashenkov, why the EU, USA, Australia acting with double Standard and not defending HongKongers HR violations but meekly babbling. Where is their muscle, why don't they use it?
They and BlackRock global management, won't use it bc Police State is their policy in most of the globe and since they are Aryans, they don't empathize nor feel anything for HongKongers bc, the latter are not white and don't own oil& carbon resources as Bellorussia does, as Venezuela does, etc.
This same misuse of USA's created National security law is the master tool being use inside the USA, Non- English speaking Americas, against Non-White people.
All racial& religious opressed people have to organize peacefully& cautiously in growing numbers in their communities, to wear down in the long run, BlackRock Govs, till by the shear growing numbers compell them to reinstate a People's Constitution that benefits the people.
Repressed people like  Dr Felipe Campos&countless exilees may never be able to return& enjoy home the freedom& constitucional rights and true human rights and a world without carbon Pandemic, fighting for, but have descendants who will peacefully continue the quest to materialize a safe, health and better human future for all humanity and if we work by our sheer growing numbers for these good ends, we stand a chance to prevail, don't fight alone!

Hong Kong opposition stage final protest before resigning

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