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There is no vaccine against against mutated pandemic B.1.1.7 virus!

There is no vaccine against mutated pandemic B.1.1.7 virus! We Indigenous climate defenders Mama Ocllo women denounce the genocidal act of @ LuchoEsPueblo Who is  genociding Us with unlicensed & Unpatented Sputnik vaccines, which kills seniorCitizens &children under 16!Putin &Sahim rejected becoming vaccinated with their own invented vaccines&There Is No InventedVaccine Against Mutant B.1.1.7 Pandemic Virus If anyone alleges the contrary, show us your anti- mutated B.1.1.7 vaccine and bring forward your medical clinical trial phase 3 data, for us to examine it publicly!


SOS UNLICENSED SPUTNIK VACCINE BEING SOLD TO MILLIONS OF PEOPLE! Pharmaceutical Corps& global media vave caused panic and people are being billion herded to be vaccinated by dangerous unpatented vaccines. Execept G20 & BRICS RICH COUNTRIES, people of Developing and most underdeveloped countries like Bolivia, Nocaragua, Venezuela, Argentina, etc are at high risk to become victims of Sputnik unlicensed vaccine's two dosis. As recent as Dec 28th 2020, too little too late sputnik vaccine way behind western vaccines is stuck at medical clinical phase3 and still has no medical data and has no patent and is not designed for senior citizens or people with preconditions health status and yet cash starved Putin is sold and already delivered millions of Sputnik vaccines. Putin is refused to become vaccinated by his own unpatented Sputnik vaccine. Why should you endanger yourself to becone vaccinated, when vaccine owners Putin and Biontech CEO Ugur Sahim have rejected the very va


SOS SENIOR CITIZENS& CHILDREN UNDER 16! As we forewarned you months ago, pharmaceutical Corporations only care for profits and are using excuses to continue to deny deads by vaccines. They will blame everything and everyone and are in denyal of their politically rushed vaccines causing deaths. The fact remains, there are two post Biontech vaccine patients deads, following vaccination! The common evidence of these post vaccine deaths are: 1)The deaths occurred following vaccination! 2) The dead post vaccine victims are senior citizens 3) senior citizens are perceived as expensive burden to govs and seemed to be treated as dispensable objects. Due to the above and to prevent possible massive senior citizens premature deads, we advise not to allow vaccination on their personnas bc the deaths are occurring post vaccine. The first died after 2 hours and the second victim died after 5 days. It needs post mortem investigation of these elderly victims deads. Meantime, please protec

The vaccines won't work on mutated viruses which they never trialed them?

The vaccines won't work on mutated viruses which they never trial them on? It's irresponsible to keep endangering humanity with fossil fuel& carbon and deceiving humanity with their unsafe vaccine concoctions politically rushed by USFDA& EMA useless& whisfull expectations they will take us back to their Profit Normalcy. There can never be profit normalcy bc their lab created and spread  sarscovid2 has mutated thousand times and science and scientists are still babbling and crowling and don't fully understand the irreversible consequences of global vaccine inmunization with these unsafe concocted vaccines! The mutant pandemic viruses know not any vaccine that can stop them from widespreading and sowing unjust death! One of this highly infectious NonStop pandemic viruses is known as mutation B.1.1.7 and is sad to see collegues calling it a meaningless variant, bc is not a toy variant but a deadly mutating virus that nothing science has, can not stop it from cau

What kind of imbeciles pharmaceutical corporations takes us for?

What kind of imbeciles pharmaceutical corporations take us for? Imposing vaccination cards or travel passports to enter bussinesses, board an airliner or meet CEOs or attend school, is a grim racist& compulsory vaccination policy imposed by corporations. And its becoming a reality even in China, where Alipay encodes you on yellow or red and you are discriminated and forbbiden from entering those bussinesses conducted globally by Alipay. This is compulsory global vaccination against our will. Whatever happpened to our constitutional rights and free choice and our self defense rights for us to defend from corporatist Big Brother who dictates over govs and over we the people? These are unsafe and inefficient vaccines, bc they are useless to protect you from thousands of mutating viruses. Forced to receive the Beast's mark, signals we are living the end of life, when at every transaction we are forced to produce the beast's mark on us: travelling passport with proof of pand

Is readjusting a vaccine a forgery?

Is readjusting a vaccine a forgery? Biontech CEO Ugur Sahim& his staff have refused to take vaccination of their own sarscovid2 vaccine& admitted it would take Biontech 6 weeks to find a new Biontech vaccine for the supercontagious mutant pandemic virus. Sahim also stated he would need to ask the USFDA& EMA patent institutions, due to the emergency humanity lives, if they would allow Biontech to simply authorized them to patent under the old patent, the-new- readjusted-vaccine- for the mutant virus, so it can be distributed  without delay globally. I am sorry, but any new readjustment involves a new invention and a new patent and ethically can't be patented under their previous old sarscovid2 Patent, bc it amounts to legalizing an unethical forgery under the excuse of avoiding any delays in distributing it globally. And it also endangers the health and lives of people who would become vaccinated under the new vaccine as opposed to the previous old patented vaccine. S

Vaccine doesn't work...?

Vaccine doesn't work...? Corporatists with Adolf caused 6 million innocent europeans& today corporatists with sarscovid2 vaccine are vaccinating with a vaccine that doesn't work against high infectious mutantsarscovid2 vaccine and Ugur Sahim,CEO of BiontechPhizer corp, his wife& his corporatist staff are not getting vaccinated. Please ask yourself why they are coercing you to become vaccinated, before you end up incapacitated or dead

Vete ya!

 Vete Ya! Basta, no me digas mas, querida tengo demasiado amor q nos durara pa los dos! Ni sientes amor, ni respetas ni dices la verdad Xq en tus a ños   mozos Perdiste la verdad Y el don de amar y los sustituiste con pasion-sin-amor! Vete ya y no me digas mas, amor tengo demasiado amor pa q nos dure pa los dos! (Excerpt: True Loves Lost To Loves Essence (c) Felipe Campos PhD)

Get my head back again!

SOB, you're gone up North without saying good bye I know I wasn't ready but after sharing our youth together Wasn't I worth waiting for? How dare you desert me? You wanted the contract, as if sharing our youth together wasn't enough! You wanted the contract, to own me as if our feelings of love were not enough you wanted the contract to wake up next to me every dawn to quench your love thirst &  hunger for me, still asking if the night or dawn were ours! You wanted the contract to insure there would be no one else but you How dare you desert me? Feelings, nothing more but love feelings trying to think, think, think I am worth Your waiting! Yet feelings nothing more than love feelings trying to forget my love feelings for you Trying to think, Think, think I am worth your waiting Think, think, I must think Not let my feelings Feelings of love Strand me in the middle of nowhere Nowhere lose myself for what is no more! Feelings  tender

Breakfast at Julie's

Breakfast at Julie's It was our first coffee date when u wanted to see Breakfast at Tiffany's and off we went. Seeing the tickets price i lost my speech Two tickets, you said& stepped in and paid Still numb we sat in the dark cinema. Audrey Hepburn was a fine actress&G. Peppard seemed like a fish out of the bowl I touched the hands of you the mature woman and to my surprise u didn't reject me and smiling gazed me. Heard Audrey sang & unable to help myself, Shy kissed your luscious lips You embraced&french kissed me. There from time to time, we heard Audrey's sensual voice& our breath on each other's face& you taught me to french kiss Ah Audrey, I sighed, huffed and puffed with U under the dark cinema and Audrey's voice lost me in your sweet wet kisses, sweat and warm full embrace. Let me feel u. Plssss Not justYet! Audrey seemed generous As you gifted me the sensous shapes of your Venus body, warm,cozzy& comfy Breakfa

End fossil fuel Pandemic or go extinct!

End fossil fuel Pandemic or go extinct! Open eye dreams of "going back to normal" is humanly impossible bc there will never be a magic cure whilw humanity is kep addicted to fossil fuel, carbon, profit and pandemics! Fix it now or suffer carbon Pandemic&endless pandemics in oncoming years! During Obama-Biden 8 years they did nothing against sarsCovid1/MersCovid1 but let it be Then American&chinesse researchers negligebtly spread sarscovid2 But sarscovid 2 will not be last pandemic: WHO With masks and social distance covil disobedience around oil survive but if we fail to engage in peaceful civil disobedience, BlackRock will extinct us in our internal combustion car- coffins COVID-19 will not be last pandemic: WHO

Please wait and see!

Please wait and see! Germans, nordic& european climate defenders do not vaccinate yourselves. Wait and see bc you are being hidden the consequences of these politically rushed vaccination! Why Perpetuate corrupt lobbysts&make  us dependants of evil Elite State within a State? People voted out Trump& our struggle against Carbon dioxide continues on January 2020 bc Biden is like Trump who worships Oil Wars& unsafe Vaccines! Why Biden& Faucci(owner of Moderna vaccine) are globally pushing vaccination when BiontechPhizer's CEO UgurSahim rejects his own unsafe vaccine?

Ugur Sahim...refusing to take his own politically rushed sarscovid2 vaccine?

Why is Biontech-Phizer CEO Ugur Sahin refusing to take his own politically rushed sarscovid2 vaccine? Fact 1: it takes at least 10-20 years to develop a safe & efficient vaccine but Biontech-Phizer took 9 months to developped it bc they used a political lae emergency law to patent a politically rushed vaccine. Fact2: 16 is adult age limit and 4 voting members of the USFDA voted against patenting Biontech- Phizer sarscovid 2 vaccine for underage children who are the majority in our world. Fact3: senior citizens are the most expensive bills for Govs and govs are pushing them to be vaccinated by these 9 month old political vaccines. Are they helping them or getting rid of them? Fact4: The USFDA&EMA did not conduct medical clinical phase 3 tests to prove or disprove the safety of these vaccines presented to them by vaccine applicant BiontechPhizer, etc. Fact5: Because elderly refused to be guinea pigs, Pharmaceutical Corps of these vaccines, excluded them from their medical cl

Why are pharmaceutical Corps refusing to turn original data?

Why are pharmaceutical Corps refusing to turn original data? My former peers from the National cancer institute & the New England Jornal of medicine, followed the Robert Koch Institute's and Oxford health providers's, conducted thorough studies on patients who have survived sarsCovid2 pandemic and their clinical findings reached similiar conclusions on these survivors: their natural antibodies protected them from getting sarsCovid2 reinfections. In other words, these survivors antibodies are effective anti Sarscovid2 vaccines by identifying them and destroying them. These survivors natural antibodies act as most safe and efficient vaccines and they don't need any pharmaceutical vaccines like Biontech&Phizer, moderna, astrazeneca, Sinovac, etc Talking of the latter, the USFDA& EMA to license and patent Biontech-Phizer, Moderna...they have not scientifically replicated nor obtained the same results phase3 medical clinical as the applicant pharmaceuticals but me

One shoe size fits everybody's foot size?

One shoe size fits everybody's foot size?  U think gov Covid tracker is to control pandemic Covid& compulsory vaccination is a christmas gift? 6 million innocent europeans too thought the gasman was transporting them in trains to the promised land but the evil gasman was gasing them in mass with Zyklon B As Unsafe & ineficient Vaccines&CovidTracker Harm Us! Covid2 has mutated thousads of times and one size and shape of co vid2 vaccine doesn't fit all thousands of mutating viruses, therefore each new deadly virus mutation will meed a different invented and approved vaccine and not a mere new adjustment! Buddy, don't believe one shoe size fits everbody's foot size, because somebody's DNA is not the same as everybody's! And remember you only live once and you can't be resurrected when it doesn't provide you the expectation of making you immune to thousands of mutating pandemic viruses!

Immunity for pharmaceutical corporations?

Immunity for pharmaceutical Corps? All these hundreds of vaccines have used only sarscovid2 virus's part to trial their vaccines and if it would ever succeed, it would work only their unique part they used and not on any new mutating  pandemic viruses bc their vaccines is like a Ford car which can only accept Ford's car parts and is useless for any other different cars from different automakers. And what do you do with those excess billion ford parts that don't fit to other different cars? They rust and become trash. Likewise these billions of vaccines intended to fight sarscovid2, they would become good for only those patients with sarscovid2. The problem is sarsCovid2 is like flu thay every year you have to get a new type of flu vaccine bc the old ones become useless bc the flu virus mutated and the ild fly vaccibes are trashed for being useless. Likewise sarscovid2 has thousanda of mutations for which the patented vaccines are unsafe and ineficient, that is useless!

BlackRock& Lloyd of London Insurance allege it won't reach us!

BlackRock& Lloyd of London insurance allege It won't reach us! Fools think it won't reach them&think by 2050 it'll be fixed. No! There is no time!BlackRock& Lloyd's insurance have converted Earth a giant hot incinerator&by 2030-2050 they will be making us extinct as they've already  extincted 80% of Biodiversity! We are the next victims! Reject oil perpetuating schemes! After Covid2 Subsidez #JoinJanuaryCivilDisobedience

No votemos x Arce's candidatos ni Evo's candidatos!

No votemos x Arce's& Evo's candidatos  Xq teniendo poder por 15Años emplearon a Carlos Mesa &rechazaron procesar penalmente a Mesa&AnezGabinete& militares&Policia Genocidas de Sacaba,Senkata&El Pedregal&No extraditaron Goni& mal agradeciendo al Mallku FelipeCampos lo exiliaron, xq demando abolir Latifundio Militares Policias Genocidas! No votemos por Arce's candidatos ni Evo's candidatos, xq ambos nos discriminan!

Cyclones category 5 the new reality on HomeEarth?

Cyclones category 5 the new reality on HomeEarth? A catastrophic cyclone category 5 is heading to Fiji Islands. It's not a one time catastrophe. It's the new undenyable reality our Home Earth is experiencing the new normal of climate catastrophe. Tragically BlackRock&Gov's scientists & unenforceable ParisAgreement politicians r brainwashing us to believe we have until 2050 to fix climate emergency but its too little to late #WeliveAnIrreversibleClimateCatastrophe bc #YesterdayMostBiodiversityWasMadeExtinct #TodayAndTomorrowItsUs #AfterCovidSubsidesCivilDisobedienceToSurvive



AntiMonopoly change coming?

AntiMonopoly change coming? Sadly western democracies are controlled globally by a tiny MoneyedElite of a State withinState embodied through BlackRock, who colludes& retaliates to perpetuate their genocidal fossil fuel&carbon by brainwashing and desinforming humanity with its global media: Facebook,Google, Amazon, Apple... Less than 1% of humanity form said tiny elite, Their lobbysts buy out politicians and craft laws to perpetuate their interests and soften antitrust and environmental laws. The following headline comes from dw. Bc we retired academicians have learned the hardway, we don't nelieve in promises or exciting news or pompous speeches, cause at the end are simply soap bubbles that fade and you got nothing and become worn out. The onlynthing we value is facts, positive actions that make a diffetence in our lives for the better and govs are not atbthat level yet for most are sophists/gobbelian conmen like Trump who lies and keeps lying and says he is won the

Whoever has ears and eyes, listen and see!

Whoever has ears and eyes, listen and see! Doctors& nurses are the vanguard Health warriors trying to aide us. They pretty well know sense and evaluate the adverse effects of sarsCovid2 and since humanity and medicine don't know that much about covid2 and the irreversible perils of politically rushed multiple antocovid vaccines, requested the NIH not to compel them to vaccinate. the National institute of health has decided not to force doctors& nurses to be vaccinated and continue their work. That means, humanity has learn from doctors and nurses decision not to be vaccinated, humans must wait and not rish to vaccinate bc the vaccines are not safe and efficient and are a peril to our health and our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren. In the united states over 60% of women dedicded not to  be vaccinated.these wise women like doctors and nurses see the peril of politically rushed vaccines that p Overprofit pharmaceuticals at the peril and possible c

ParisAgreement failed bc it has no enforcement!

@ GretaThunberg : ParisAgreement failed w/o enforcement&caused 26GgtCO2/annual& carbontax&double creditCO2 ends pushing us faster to Extinction bc stupidly we're # DoubleCreditingAndTaxingCO2InsteadOfAbrogatingIT # AnimalsMadeExtinctYesterdayTodayAndTomorrowItsUS # Massive global CivilDisobedience the only way to save ourselves bc govs won't do it. # Only the people save the people

The wrath of loosing politicians!

The wrath of loosing politicians! Blaming brown, black& Native Mericans 4 Trumpa loss and feeding the flames of the police to act against  immigrants& minorities, bc Trump politician resents having lost the elections! OverwhelmingCitizens don't need an overfunded violent& racist police,butCorps do

Alert about Sinoform vaccine!

Alert about Sinofarm vaccine! Peru is stopped clinical trial- vaccinating it's citizens with SinoFarm because it caused partial paralysis of vaccinated recipients! Please wait and don't let vaccine pharmaceuticals, govs and hysteria against CoVid2, heard you to vaccination centers to become vaccinated.  Until you receive medical news for a considerable amount of time, that billions who are going to be vaccinated,are not becoming paralyzed, totally incapacitated or killed due to the vaccines.And once you are convinced by billions of vaccine recipients that the vaccine they injected in them is safe& efficient. Then you can make up your mind whether or not to become vaccinated. GretaThunberg,Chris Cuomo and myself among  patients were 21 days isolated to fight CoVid infection, & survived by our own inmune system while quarentined at home. And my children and grandchildren survived too. Based on our personal experience, I, my children and grandchildren have decided given th

...risk your health and life to these dangerous political vaccines?

Do you want to risk your health& life to these dangerous political vaccines? Advisors are political appointees, yet the advisors commission of USA's  Food and Drug Administration/FDA, gave the FDA the nod to approve Biontech-Pfizer vaccine. This nod came after said vaccine representative answered shebknows of no harm their vaccine could cause on vaccinated people by their vaccine. How can Biontech-Pfizer know of their vaccine not causing harm to vaccinated people, bc they are getting an exception from the regular rules to produce medical data for 5 years that normally all vaccines must fulfill but when Biontech- Phizer appealed the political expdient Emergency law, it exempted them from producing 5 years of medical clinical data of patients that were in their 3 phase medical clinical trial. The true answer is no, no one can know this specific vaccines poses or not a harm to patients vaccinated with Biontech-Phizer vaccine, therefore the FDA got a false answer from Bontech-Phyze

FTC vs Facebook monopoly

FB&M Zuckerberg: Please take note and stop your ongoing unconstitutional retaliation against me for expressing my constitutional grievances& HR violations by youFB & M Zuckerberg. You've known for years you are colluding and retaliating against peaceful climate defenders & consumers who refused to be gased out  by greenhouse gases caused by fossil fuel and carbon emissions. You keep violating our free speech, ongoingly. You've know our civil and peaceful opposition to your unconstitutional and global monopoly and abuse  of count less victims such as myself, who you abused, and despite our requests for you to stop your pattern of abuses and pattern of retaliations, inmune and impune you have continue to violate us, hope this complaint opens your eyes and your common sense and stop retaliating against USA citizens, and hope at court you can come to a friendy settlement so your monopoly and you, stop abusing us and stop denying us our free speech rights, and stop y

...will you surrender or will you protect your immune system?

Hauling seniors to the vaccine centers. Will you surrender or will you protect your inmune system? After 40K russians were rushed to be vaccinated against Covid2, UK people are pushed to be vaccinated now In fact not even senior citizens are safe and 90 year old Margaret Keenan was hauled to one of countless vaccination centers & was vaccinsted You are in a hurry to be a guinea pig and possibly destroy your immune system, organs& blood, go ahead, no one will stop those who are in a rush to get this magic cure but may possibly become permanently incapacitated, live or die. As for me and my children and granchildren, we will wait and see at least a decade and only if we see 1 billion vaccinated people survived the vaccine mrna of these political rushed for profit vaccine recipients survived, then will think whether or not to get a vaccine.  Our naturalninmune systems which we were born with is not broke, so we are not going to vaccinate ourselves with unsafe and infefficient vacc

Unjustly China cracks down on HongKongers!

Unjustly China cracks down on Hong Kongers! BlackRock pushes Police state's National security law by chinesse captitalistAuthoritarians in many countries. HongKongers have been brutally awaken bc CapitalistAuthoritarians cracking down and violating HR and the treaty of two systems one country. The chinesse ordered Lam's police& Judiciary to arrest Wu-Chi-wai, following the arrest of Joshua Wong&20 Hong Kong council men& countless kidnapped andbdisappeared HongKongers. The EU screams henny penny the sky is falling when it comes to rich oil& mineral natural resource countries like Venrzuels, Belorus, Moldova... but doesn't emargo china but give useless blacklisting of a token chinesse aparatchicks. Thesr crackdowns based on USA Matiobal Secirity comes as BlackRock global management of govs is attempting to impose a police state globally, to KO Climate defender protestors against oil and carbon. AmerucanBolivian indigenous climate defenders we know if we don

Paris Agreement success or failure?

ParisAgreement Success or Failure? From behind tbe curtain BlackRock pushed the hype through NGOs&  Govs that Paris Agreement was the cure to the carbon Pandemic that threaten to extinct us. Overoptimists we were but the realitynhas its own answers: Parus own card index of living up to the self honor, volunteer goals to cut carbon& oil& gas would be reached without need for enforcement. But the climate change performance  index card from NGOs Germanwatch and NewClimate Ibstorute s shows The richest the most cheater to their own pledges to cut GreenhouseGas emissions, like USA. The mid point countries such as Germany& China, still cheated. The top countries of the paris Agreement, didn't reach their self comittment to cut deadly fossil fuel& carbon emissions. It took too many decades to reach the paris Agreement and countless friday for future school protests to see the Paris agreement failed our trust, our hopes for a better future for our children& grandchi

BlacRock calls death, a low carbon economy!

BlackRock calls death, a low carbon economy! BlacRock u allege u r solving the Physical risk to Climate change&conducting transition risk to low carbon economy with ParisAgreement charging carbon tax in exchange to perpetuate oil&Carbon past 2050!  Its your Gobbelian deception bc our human lungs can't take your deadly oil gases, & u r exterminating biodiversity, causing global famine with climate catastrophe forest fires which evicted wild animals, who brought us covid2 and no carbon tax can't spare us from your greenhouse gassing us to the brink of extinction!

Too little too late!

Too little too late! Out of countless days&of countless media outlets, giving Greta a token editorial day, how is BlackRock global Management of Govs, solving climate catastrophe made by fossil fuel&carbon? We're are being gased to death as BlackRock oil Corporations withHitler unjustly gased six million innocent humans with zyklonB! Fossil fuel is making our Home Earth a hot ovenCoffin to burn us to the core of our bones. With a CoVid mask& social distancing, join # CivilDisobedience around all oil refineries to stop fossil fuel& save ourselves now or its going to be too little too late 4US! Greta Thunberg guest-stars as editor of Swedish newspaper

Vaccine cures or deadly poisons that may kill you unjustly!

Vaccine cures or deadly poisons that may kill you unjustly? Some consciencious scientists ask ourselves if our discoveries bring good or bad to our humanity! Take mustard gas which caused panic and excruciating lifelong injuries to survivors of WWI, among them our ancestors. Allied and german troops alleging god is on their side shoot mustard gas at each other, but unexpected winds turned against the shooters. Germany's, UK's and US's allies are in the race to capture countless billions of dollars and euros for profit by selling unsafe and ineficient vaccines, claiming it will absolutely protects us from SarsCoVid2 pandemic and take us back to Normalcy to continue to increase oil, gas& carbon to harvest fortunes for BlackRock global management and countless billions who don't want to give out their fossil fuel engine guzzler cars, bc the latter believe its their pride to the European and%or American dream achieved. But you are part of 8 billion uninformed Non-scient

Letter to Antiindigenous & AntiClimate Morales& Arce!

@ AntonioGuterres @ mbachelet @ Evoespueblo @ LuchoXBolivia @ RogelioMayta @ EDelCastilloDC @ mrtommybecker Re:Ongoing 15th Year Unconstitutional Exile of Dr FelipeCampos Dear Sirs& Madam: I, Domitila Mamani write this letter & continue to document the ongoing cold&premeditated& malicious racism of EvoMorales&LuisArce who despite the fact that unrencorous DrFelipe Campos assisted them to regain&remain in power, unthankfully they& their cabinet by missusing the power of the Bolivian State, are violating his indigenous Human Rights & systematically blocking comunication, free Speech rights in Bolivia& playing deaf, blind& ignorant, keep him exiled and falsely implying he doesn't exist as a Bolivian citizen& person. Sadly your offices have not moved a finger to assist him in the renewal of his Identification card/IC, Passport, ... and failing to repatriate him to Bolivia. What are Morales, Arce and their cabinet doing with indigenous Campos

Bolivian President is anti baby and anti indigenous!

Bolivian President is Anti baby and anti Indigenous! @ LuchoXBolivia AnezLucho No Representas ni1% de 12 millones de Ciudadanos pa alabarte a ti mismo! # Odias A Nuestras Madres Y Les Negas Bono Hambre Hambreas A las Madres Xq #Odias A Los Bebes Indigenas Y Les Dejas Sin Leche Materna al Negarles Bono Hambre # Latifundista CroataJudio Nos Discrimin as A Los Indigenas Defensores del Clima porque nos Negas  # Bono Hambre Y No Nos Llega A 12 millones de Bolivianos Shame on You Luis Arce for burning our Amazon& SubAndean forests& fruit trees, to grow transgenic soy & red meat to export to the EU and enrich yourself at our cost and at our Home Earth cost! Sadly you are racist and your government cabinet is not indian cabinet, bc once we voted, you back stabbed us by excluding us & denying us an indian environmental cabinet denying us indigenous climate defenders employment and& Bonus AntiCovid to survive and you make babies suffer without maternal milk because unde

Wait& See rather than being vaccine killed!

Wait and see rather than being vaccine killed! With countless billions of dollars in profits, BlackRock Management is pushing its pharmaceuticals corps& govs to vaccinate you. R u in a hurry to become a guinea pig and kill your inmune System& yourself with these money grabbing corporations's political unsafe& inefficient& mass deadly vaccibes that don't work on sars CoV oh d2 bc it keeps mutating as flu mutates and there is no vaccine that can magically protect you against these mutating pandemic viruses? An infected mpther passes anrubodies to her in uterus baby and her baby is born pandemic free.  It may be safer to wait for research on antibodies that babies acquire and saves them  and if science can bring us natural antibodies that can save us from these mutating viruses, it will be safer for humanity, bc our human immune system has preserved our human health since  Lucy and other ancestors of ours appeared in caves and we are the proof, that our immune syst

They talk revolution but are sold out to the Cia!

They talk revolution but are sold out to the Cia! Presidentes pagados por Cia Incluyen Evo Morales, Jeanine Anez, Luis Arce, J Bolsonaro, I Duque... Los contrataron jovenes, suficiente reconocerCroatasJudios Evo&Arce janiwas no hablan nuestras lenguas indigenas,educados en elitistaTambo High& Warwick University of Economics respectivamente& Evo&Arce # RechazaronAbrogarLatifundioMilitarPolicial15Años e incendian Bosques Amazonico & SubAndinos& con transgenicos& pesticidas, petroleo& fracking gas, cometieron ecocidios, biocidios etc, lo mas cinico es que se presentan amantes de la Tierra pero sus actos politicos absolutamente demuestran son mentirosos, racistas que discriminan en contra de los indigenas defensores del Clima, xq lo unico q les importa es ganancias a cualquier costo!