Alert about Sinoform vaccine!

Alert about Sinofarm vaccine!

Peru is stopped clinical trial- vaccinating it's citizens with SinoFarm
because it caused partial paralysis of vaccinated recipients!
Please wait and don't let vaccine pharmaceuticals, govs and hysteria against CoVid2, heard you to vaccination centers to become vaccinated. 
Until you receive medical news for a considerable amount of time, that billions who are going to be vaccinated,are not becoming paralyzed, totally incapacitated or killed due to the vaccines.And once you are convinced by billions of vaccine recipients that the vaccine they injected in them is safe& efficient. Then you can make up your mind whether or not to become vaccinated.
GretaThunberg,Chris Cuomo and myself among  patients were 21 days isolated to fight CoVid infection, & survived by our own inmune system while quarentined at home. And my children and grandchildren survived too.
Based on our personal experience, I, my children and grandchildren have decided given the fact SarsCovid2 is a mutating virus and no vaccine can work against mutaring Pandemic viruses, But we are blessed to have survived it, thanks to our immune system and presently we continue wearing masks, keep social distance and use external desinfectant for ourselves, we don't need any vaccine because we trust our human immune system which is cared for humans for millions of years, is the best, safe and efficient defense against SarsCovid2! And since it's not broken, don't fix it!

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