AntiMonopoly change coming?

AntiMonopoly change coming?

Sadly western democracies are controlled globally by a tiny MoneyedElite of a State withinState embodied through BlackRock, who colludes& retaliates to perpetuate their genocidal fossil fuel&carbon by brainwashing and desinforming humanity with its global media: Facebook,Google, Amazon, Apple...
Less than 1% of humanity form said tiny elite,
Their lobbysts buy out politicians and craft laws to perpetuate their interests and soften antitrust and environmental laws.
The following headline comes from dw.
Bc we retired academicians have learned the hardway, we don't nelieve in promises or exciting news or pompous speeches, cause at the end are simply soap bubbles that fade and you got nothing and become worn out.
The onlynthing we value is facts, positive actions that make a diffetence in our lives for the better and govs are not atbthat level yet for most are sophists/gobbelian conmen like Trump who lies and keeps lying and says he is won the elections, but truth andbreality are against these conmen.
USA gov and EU Gov, with pompous speeches have made headlines to try to control FB, Google, Amazon, Apple...and 48 State govs, by suing against these monopolists by the veredicts and a future enforcement of the verdicts will tell us whether their bad anticompetitive monopolies stoo and become changed to allow conpetition and downsizing.
As for the EU desire to reign on these monopolies through new digital law, we don't know if the mountains who make a horrendous erruption trully birth a new hill of change or if they such simply spit a meaningless tiny stone and nothing changes.
Time and facts and corrective actions if any, shall answer our querries regarding these evil pro-fossil fuel and carbon megadigital monopolists.

EU to unveil landmark law curbing power of tech giants

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