Bolivian President is anti baby and anti indigenous!

Bolivian President is Anti baby and anti Indigenous!
@ LuchoXBolivia
AnezLucho No Representas ni1% de 12 millones de Ciudadanos pa alabarte a ti mismo!
# Odias A Nuestras Madres Y Les Negas Bono Hambre Hambreas A las Madres Xq #Odias A Los Bebes Indigenas Y Les Dejas Sin Leche Materna al Negarles Bono Hambre
# Latifundista CroataJudio Nos Discrimin as A Los Indigenas Defensores del Clima porque nos Negas  # Bono Hambre Y No Nos Llega A 12 millones de Bolivianos
Shame on You Luis Arce for burning our Amazon& SubAndean forests& fruit trees, to grow transgenic soy & red meat to export to the EU and enrich yourself at our cost and at our Home Earth cost!
Sadly you are racist and your government cabinet is not indian cabinet, bc once we voted, you back stabbed us by excluding us & denying us an indian environmental cabinet denying us indigenous climate defenders employment and& Bonus AntiCovid to survive and you make babies suffer without maternal milk because under nourished mothers can't produce the milk they need for their babies to survive and can't give the immune system mothers give by maternal breast feeding them, specially in this dangerous CoVid Era!

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