Breakfast at Julie's

Breakfast at Julie's
It was our first coffee date
when u wanted to see Breakfast at Tiffany's and off we went.
Seeing the tickets price i lost my speech
Two tickets, you said& stepped in and paid
Still numb we sat in the dark cinema.
Audrey Hepburn was a fine actress&G. Peppard seemed like a fish out of the bowl
I touched the hands of you the mature woman and to my surprise u didn't reject me and smiling gazed me.
Heard Audrey sang & unable to help myself,
Shy kissed your luscious lips
You embraced&french kissed me.
There from time to time, we heard Audrey's sensual voice& our breath on each other's face& you taught me to french kiss
Ah Audrey, I sighed, huffed and puffed with U
under the dark cinema and Audrey's voice lost me in your sweet wet kisses, sweat and warm full embrace.
Let me feel u. Plssss
Not justYet!
Audrey seemed generous
As you gifted me the sensous shapes of your Venus body, warm,cozzy& comfy
Breakfast at Tiffany's
magic was growing me to Peppard's age & sentimentally  in your arms and in your hot french Kisses, I learmed the mysteries of love!
You knew it all&I a naive preppie had to catch up!
What a wonderful love is to be kissed, embraced and breath along a mature woman who in love, makes me
a dough little man,
in her experienced hands
Plsss say yes!
Wait,u said looking at time
Next time...follow me&off we took off.
Confused felt the cold wind castigating our faces. Briskly walked a few blocks
Dinner time for three, then handed me your hat. Now go!
U said&split!
I served dinner for three,
But arriving you and him
passed by me by sunset, signing No
And then heard the door slam& your moans
late by night woke me up from time to time.
He must be one of your pretenders, solliloquized
during the night from time to time, wishing I be the one!
Vaguely by dawn awoke and saw him coming out, kiss you, then good bye but I fell back to sleep!
Wake up, heard and opening my eyes but light blinded me, "Its noon, come and join me for breakfast" heard u
Barely following your steps
I made it to the living room, smelled
the brewing cofee as good as you.
What did he do to the sides your nape?
"You like no more the cofee I make for breakfast, daily?" You replied
I sat and we sabored coffee, orange juice, eggs, fruits and though confused& not knowing what to expect from u!
Yet your smile, soft conversation & sweet laughter faded away my anguish& preppie anxiety
for breakfast with you sweet Julie, was& is something I can't never live without!
(Excerpt: True Loves Lost To Life's Escense (c)  Felipe Campos Ph D)

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