FTC vs Facebook monopoly

FB&M Zuckerberg:
Please take note and stop your ongoing unconstitutional retaliation against me for expressing my constitutional grievances& HR violations by youFB & M Zuckerberg. You've known for years you are colluding and retaliating against peaceful climate defenders & consumers who refused to be gased out  by greenhouse gases caused by fossil fuel and carbon emissions. You keep violating our free speech, ongoingly. You've know our civil and peaceful opposition to your unconstitutional and global monopoly and abuse  of count less victims such as myself, who you abused, and despite our requests for you to stop your pattern of abuses and pattern of retaliations, inmune and impune you have continue to violate us, hope this complaint opens your eyes and your common sense and stop retaliating against USA citizens, and hope at court you can come to a friendy settlement so your monopoly and you, stop abusing us and stop denying us our free speech rights, and stop your secret accusations, secret threats, secret intimidation acts and be friendly to all peaceful competition from everyone.
Thanks in advance!

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