Get my head back again!

SOB, you're gone up North
without saying good bye
I know I wasn't ready
but after sharing our youth together
Wasn't I worth waiting for?
How dare you desert me?

You wanted the contract,
as if sharing our youth together wasn't enough!
You wanted the contract,
to own me as if our feelings of love were not enough
you wanted the contract
to wake up next to me every dawn to quench your love thirst &  hunger for me,
still asking if the night
or dawn were ours!
You wanted the contract
to insure there would be no one else but you
How dare you desert me?

Feelings, nothing more but love feelings
trying to think,
think, think I am worth
Your waiting!
Yet feelings
nothing more than love feelings
trying to forget my love feelings for you

Trying to think,
Think, think
I am worth your waiting
Think, think,
I must think
Not let my feelings
Feelings of love
Strand me in the middle of nowhere
Nowhere lose myself
for what is no more!

Feelings  tender tears feelings falling off my face
wish you never go
how will i know
If you'll ever return?
or leave me nowhere
stranded in my feelings
of love for you
Aiy tender feelings
Wish you never left
I must think
and get my head back again!
(Excerpt: True Loves Lost to Life's Essence (c)
Felipe Campos Ph D)

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