Immunity for pharmaceutical corporations?

Immunity for pharmaceutical Corps?
All these hundreds of vaccines have used only sarscovid2 virus's part to trial their vaccines and if it would ever succeed, it would work only their unique part they used and not on any new mutating  pandemic viruses bc their vaccines is like a Ford car which can only accept Ford's car parts and is useless for any other different cars from different automakers.
And what do you do with those excess billion ford parts that don't fit to other different cars?
They rust and become trash. Likewise these billions of vaccines intended to fight sarscovid2, they would become good for only those patients with sarscovid2.
The problem is sarsCovid2 is like flu thay every year you have to get a new type of flu vaccine bc the old ones become useless bc the flu virus mutated and the ild fly vaccibes are trashed for being useless.
Likewise sarscovid2 has thousanda of mutations for which the patented vaccines are unsafe and ineficient, that is useless!
South UK and SouthAfrica are in great mass infection and deads statistics, bc they are experiencing one of the thousands of sarscovid2 mutations. This mutation os supercontagious and spreads as a pandemic 70% faster than sarscovid2, for which there are 2 emergency law appproved vaccines by the USFDA and the European MedicinesAgency/EMA
Because this South UK and SouthAfrica's mutating supercontagious mutation virus is sown panic there, Belgium, Netherlands,Austria have closed their borders with them  and Germany is about to follow suit. But it may be too little too late to control this highly contagious pandemic mutating virus.
But the fact remains south UK's and SoutAfricans who believed they had receied the miracle vaccine to protect them from death, is failed them and are suffering under this mutating enhanced new pandemic virus.
Now you asked, why the pharmaceuticals are coercing along with some doctors& big brother advocates for compulsort vaccinating the while humanity and threatening them with denying them ventilators and hospital beds should they abstein or not bow down to their compulsory vaccination of this pseudo and unproven miracle vaccine4  sarscovid2.
Matter of fact: The herman Bilden Newspaper documented the threats against citizens who refuse to be vaccinated.
With anticovid double masks, social distance and desinfectant gel made of 98% alcohol and gelli, my  children, grandchildren and extended family along with me, who survived this sarscovid2 pandemic, we are cautious and thank led our million years old 9natural immune system that we inherited from humanity, since our birth. Peacefully we trust in our immune system, our future survival the same way my great grand mother survived the spanish flu Pandemic in 1918 and they will have to vaccinate us over our dead bodies after they shoot us.
Among billions of people, we're greatly concerned about the great dangers that pose these hibdreds of developing pandemic vaccines and their high expectations on these alleged vaccine christmas miracle gifts, same way 6 million innocent euripeans waited for Santa Claus but instead they were gased to death by zyklongB as we are being gased by carbon dioxide and these pseudo
Sarscovid2 vaccines by BiontechPhyzer and Astrazeneca, Moderna... and as vaccinated doctorsvfell ill due to these vaccines. So the doctors boards have decided not to force doctors to be vaccinated.
Oly once, you lose your own immune defenses with 2dosis of this sarsCovid2 vaccines.
Chuck Schumer inCongress is pushing for immunity to protect these pharmaceutical corporations.
Why are these pharmaceuticals  seeking immunity from being taken to court and be prosecuted as any person?
Because their vaccines may kill you, but once they get inmunity you can't sue them for wrongful dead, for killing you or your daughters with their unsafe and ineficient politically rushed vaccines under the excuse of the emergency law and alleged , they rushed it to save but not to kill you... sorry..
Sorry won't resurrect you nor resurrect your vaccine recipient daughters or grandsons.
In other words, if you left them to vaccinate you, you are in your own and have no legal remedy nor can't ask or receive economic compensation for wrongful death.
So ask yourself: pharmaceuticals want immunity for their vaccines, should i or not be vaccinated?
The decision is yours!

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