Is readjusting a vaccine a forgery?

Is readjusting a vaccine a forgery?

Biontech CEO Ugur Sahim& his staff have refused to take vaccination of their own sarscovid2 vaccine& admitted it would take Biontech 6 weeks to find a new Biontech vaccine for the supercontagious mutant pandemic virus. Sahim also stated he would need to ask the USFDA& EMA patent institutions, due to the emergency humanity lives, if they would allow Biontech to simply authorized them to patent under the old patent, the-new- readjusted-vaccine- for the mutant virus, so it can be distributed  without delay globally.
I am sorry, but any new readjustment involves a new invention and a new patent and ethically can't be patented under their previous old sarscovid2 Patent, bc it amounts to legalizing an unethical forgery under the excuse of avoiding any delays in distributing it globally. And it also endangers the health and lives of people who would become vaccinated under the new vaccine as opposed to the previous old patented vaccine.
Sahim& Biontech staff reject taking their own vaccine bc the superinfectious mutating virus makes their current politically aproved sarscovid2 vaccine, useless!
As a concerned retired epidemiologist, ask for you to resist these type of coersions and alleged cure vaccines until scientists square off how to deal with the thousands of mutating pandemic viruses and a new vaccine is trialed thoroughly in phase 3 and at least for a year is gathered phase 3 medical clinical statistical original data, bc paper review by our peers doesn't substitute the lack of data needed to show whether or not it's safe and efficient.
What's the hurry for BiontechPhizer and the others, to rush you to take their old patented vaccines that do not work to stop the thousands of mutating viruses like the South UK's and SouthAfrica's mutating virus?
Money, profits of trillions of dollars and not your health or your life and that of your children& grandchildren!
Please wait and see before you are coerced to be vaccinated.
Joseph Mengala& his doctors didn't wait but sacrificed their innocent victims and sadly we see Ugur Sahim doing the same, for corporatist profits sake, but like Mangele, Sahim and his staff refuse to take the vaccine they themselves invented!
Any new vaccine that doesn't match 100% to the scarce medical data these pharmaceutical corporatists presented, even if its 1% different from the old patented vaccine, it must be rejected by USFDA, EMA, etc.
Any so called "readjusting" requires 100% phase1, phase 2 and medical clinical phase 3 new trials and a new applicacion process before the USFDA, EMA, etc, before it can get a new vaccine patent and can't be exchanged and be patented under their previoys old vaccine patent!
Else is not scientific, its not medically safe, but a forgery and medical practice by corporatist quacks greedy for profitting trillions of dollars, now and here!
If these profit geared corporatists hetbit their way and humanity is vaccinated with this unsafe and inefficient vaccine, they themselves under the excuse of not being in trial, rejected to be vaccinated, there win't be left anyone who science and good scientists who meed to provide a placebo in future vaccine trials, bc everybody has been vaccinated under their unsafe& ineficient old patented vaccine or their new-readjusted- mutantvaccine, we will not find any patient who can be a placebo patient, bc everybodies inmune system underwent the old pstented sarscovid2 vaccine and the new readjusted-mutant-virus vaccine, therefore we scientists will be at loss bc, you can't have anymore a blind trial or double blind trial medical test for any vaccines, etc!

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